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How To Reset The Nest Audio

Last Updated Jan 30, 2022
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Technological devices are becoming easier and easier to operate, and these days, most problems you are facing can be solved with a few at-home tricks. Luckily, the tried and true reset is still the most common way to fix any minor issues.

  • To restart: simply unplug the device from the wall for several minutes, then plug it back in and allow it to reboot.
  • To reset to factory settings:
    • Switch off the microphone with the small button next to the power cord.
    • Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds.

If you have a few more questions, don’t worry! We are going to step through each detail of the various ways to reset your Nest Audio, as well as how to reset it while keeping yourself logged in to your Google account, and how to disconnect it from another user’s Google account. So keep reading!

How to Reset the Nest Audio

As we have learned, the term reset can really mean two different things: often you simply need to unplug and replug in the device in order to “reset” it or it needs to be reset to factory settings.

There are essentially two ways to reset the Nest Audio: one simply restarts the device, and the other will reset it to factory settings.

Depending on the problem you are encountering, the recommended solution will usually be one or the other.

Obviously, the first tactic is the easier of the two: literally, just unplug the Nest Audio from the outlet and allow it to power down for a few minutes, then plug it back in and allow it to reboot, that should do the trick for most smaller issues.

The second solution requires a few more steps, however, it will actually reset your Nest Audio to factory settings, almost certainly sorting out any problems you may be having. And luckily, the instructions are quite simple:

  • Switch off the microphone by clicking the button next to the power cord, the light should be orange once it is off.
  • Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds.
  • Once you remove your finger, the device will be reset.

It is important to note that if the device is not connected to the internet, your Google account will not disconnect, making it quite easy to re-setup the device once it turns back on, only your personal settings will be lost.

However, if you are looking to disconnect from a Google account you can find the directions in the next section.

How to Disconnect a Google Account from the Nest Audio

In order to completely reset a Nest Audio to the factory settings and remove the connection to a previously paired Google account, you will, of course, need to reset it by following the instructions listed above, but there are also a few more steps to complete the task.

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Select the Nest Audio you wish to unpair.
  • Select the SETTINGS option.
  • Click on the DEVICE SETTINGS icon, then REMOVE DEVICE.

Remember that you will now have to re-setup the device itself by connecting it to your Google account on the Google Home app in order for the Nest Audio to function.

Why You May Need to Reset Your Nest Audio

Now that you know how to reset or even factory reset your Nest Audio, it’s important to understand why and when you may need to use these tactics on your device.

No matter what the problem you’re facing is, we recommend simply unplugging and plugging the device back in as a first attempt to solve the issue. Sometimes that’s all you need!

However, Google states that if your Nest Audio is not responding to the wake words “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” you will most likely need to reset it to factory settings.

Some users have encountered problems when following the reset instructions above. If you hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds and no audio plays to tell you you are resetting the device, there is one other way.

It is a little tedious, but you need to unplug the power cord for 10 seconds, plug it back in, wait for the 4 lights to illuminate on the device, then repeat that process 10 separate times.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are now an expert when it comes to resetting your Nest Audio!

You can reboot it, reset it to factory settings, disconnect the device from an old account, and even reset it if the resetting instructions aren’t working so no matter what the problem is, you can probably solve it.

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