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How to Reset Google Nest Mini

May 23, 2021
Black google nest mini speaker

Google Nest Mini combines the convenience of a Wi-Fi speaker and a smart home and personal assistant to track and help you with everyday tasks. However, many events can occur, from a passing storm to your Wi-Fi being disconnected that can temporarily prevent you from using your device. In these instances, you may want to reset your Google Nest Mini to get it working again.  

From a device that does not respond to skipping music, static, and LED lights that will not turn off, there are common problems that can be solved by resetting your Google Nest Mini. Keep reading to find out the issues that can be fixed by completing a reset of your device and how to perform a reset.

How to Reset a 2nd Generation Google Nest Mini

When you see all the services that Google Nest Mini can provide for your home, it is easy to see why it is such a popular device. However, as with any technology, there can be interruptions, updates, and other issues that arise that can temporarily interrupt our access. Fixing these issues by resetting your device helps solve many problems that will reconnect you quickly. Below, we will look at the reset process for the newer, 2nd generation Google Nest Mini.

  1. Turn the microphone off by using the switch on the side of your device. The lights will then turn orange.
  2. Next, press and hold the center button on your device, where the lights are located on top. You will need to hold this down for at least five seconds to start the resetting process.
  3. Continue holding the button down until you hear that sound that will confirm the beginning of the resetting process.

Note: You cannot use your voice or the Google Home app to reset your device.

Alternative Reset Methods

If your device is not working properly, there is a chance that the standard resetting process might not work for you. There is an alternative way, but it can take some time and patience. Following these steps might help when all other attempts at a standard reset fail:

  1. Unplug your Google Nest Mini and wait ten seconds. Then, plug it back in.
  2. Wait until you see all four LED lights on the top of the device lit up.
  3. Repeat this exact procedure ten more times. This should be done quickly, right after the four lights appear after plugging it back in.
  4. After the 11th time, your device will take a little longer to finish the process. Once it has completed turning on, your device should be factory reset and ready to go.

How to Reset a 1st Generation Google Nest Mini

Your device was built to last and should provide you with quality performance. If you still have a 1st generation Google Nest Mini (also referred to as the Google Home Mini), the following reset process applies to that model.

  1. On the bottom of your device, beneath the power cord, you will find a button to factory reset your Google Nest Mini. It is a circle etched into the base.
  2. Press the button for five seconds to begin the reset process.
  3. Continue holding the button for at least ten more seconds until you hear a sound that confirms that your device is resetting.

Note: As with a newer, 2nd generation model, you cannot use your voice or the Google Home app to reset your device.

What If My Google Nest Mini Won’t Reset?

Despite following all the reset procedures, sometimes your device will not reset, resulting in the device being bricked. This means that your device is not going to be fixed. Thankfully, Google stands by its product, and in many cases, you can return the device for a replacement. Follow these steps to seek a replacement device:

  1. Write down the device’s serial number. Taking a photo of the serial number can help you zoom in to see it better, as well as keeping a copy for your records.
  2. Take a photo of the four white lights on your device.
  3. While pressing the reset button on the base of the device, take a photo of the green light displayed during the reset process. Having the receipt is helpful as well.
  4. Visit Google support to begin the process to return your Google Nest Mini.

While not every device qualifies for a replacement, if you do, you will receive a working device after completing the return documentation.


Having an issue with your Google Nest Mini is often an easy fix when you follow the reset steps. Your device will be back up and running in no time!