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How To Reprogram a Charter TV Remote

Last Updated Jun 9, 2022

Even though it seems like the streaming device and streaming apps are taking the country by storm, the paid TV service is still very much alive. More than 70% of US homes still have some sort of paid TV service.

Along with the growing amount of functions paid TV boxes can perform, the TV remote has also gotten increasingly more complex giving way to the “all-in-one” remote. One of the most common of these TV remotes is offered through Charter Communications, the 3rd largest paid TV provider in the United States, and the company behind the Spectrum brand.

The “all-in-one” Charter/Spectrum remote is handy, but the process to reprogram them can seem cumbersome. Keep reading to find out how to re-program the Charter/Spectrum remote to interface to your TV, DVD player, or auxiliary hardware.

Choose Which Method to Program

Charter TV remotes have three different ways to be programmed (or re-programmed).  Depending on your setup, preference, and existing equipment, one method may be more appropriate than another.

  • The Auto-Search Method: This method will use the remote to test for the most common command sets to try and elicit a response. This method will not work for all TVs, DVD players, or Auxiliary components.
  • The 3 Digit Code Method: This method uses a 3-digit code to recognize and execute the proper commands for your TV, DVD player, or auxiliary device. This way is a solid method but requires you to know the code. That, or having the manual handy.
  • The Quick Set-Up Method: This method is similar to the 3-digit code but has a simplified single-number code to enter. This method, although similar to entering a 3-digit code is not as comprehensive to all types of hardware.

No matter what method you use, there are common integral steps for programming this type of remote.

Turn on the Equipment

In all 3 methods, the specific equipment you are re-programming with the remote needs to be turned on as a first step. Charter TV remotes can work with TVs, DVD players, various auxiliary hardware, and even old VCRs.

After the specific equipment is powered on, refer to the particular method of re-programming that you are using to help you walk through reprogramming the remote.

Place the Remote Into Programming Mode

Auto-Search and 3-Digit Method

In both of these modes, you need to press the specific device and OK button simultaneously for 3 seconds to place the remote into programming mode. The device light will light up for 30 seconds telling you that the remote is ready to be programmed.

Quick Set-Up Method

In this mode, press and hold the specific device key for 5 seconds until the LED blinks and then stays steady.

Program the Remote

Auto-Search Method

Press or hold the channel buttons (up or down) to cycle through the auto search commands while aiming the remote at the device. This will cause the remote to issue a set of commands to the specific device to turn off. Once the device has turned off, test the various component functions to make sure the programming was successful. If not, repeat this step until you are satisfied.

3-Digit Code Method

Enter the 3-Digit code for your device brand all the while pointing the remote at the device.  The device should turn off if the code is correct.

If you did not enter the correct code, keep entering any other codes for that particular brand until the device turns off.

Quick Set-Up Method

While holding the specific device key, press the number key attached to your device brand.  If the correct code is pressed, the device should instantly turn off.

If the device doesn’t turn off, stop holding the device button and follow the instructions for entering the 3-digit code.

Test the Programmed Remote

In all methods, once the device has been turned off, turn the device back on with the Charter remote and test all the important functions. If all these functions work as expected, you may move on in the process.

If some functions do not work as expected, then either repeat the programming procedure for the same setup or try another method.

Save the Programmed Settings

Auto-Search and 3-Digit Method

Once you are satisfied with the functionality of the device with your remote, simply press the associated device button. If the device setting has been properly saved, the device light will blink twice to let you know.

Quick Set-Up Method

Release the device key to save the setting. The LED will blink twice to indicate that the programming has been stored.


The programming of an all-in-one remote, regardless of what company shouldn’t be tricky. These remotes are becoming increasingly similar in their function and programming methods. Perhaps in the future, it will be made even easier. For now, so long as each step is taken properly programming one of these remotes can be easy!

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