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How to Replace the ADT Panel Battery

Last Updated Sep 17, 2021
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Replacing an ADT Panel battery isn’t a sophisticated job for professional installation techs or Journeyman Electricians only. It’s a completely DIY project unless you have certain extenuating circumstances that require an ADT technician.

It’s much like replacing a car battery, except for calling ADT or logging into to place the system in “Test Mode.” After that, it’s a simple job of removing the old battery and replacing it with the new one. Of course, a little more goes into it, and there are a few things you should look out for or call an ADT technician out to deal with. Preparation is always important, especially when dealing with the potential of false alarms. Read on to learn more about how to replace your ADT panel’s battery.

Place ADT System in Test Mode

There are three ways to do this, and to avoid any false alarms as you replace the battery, it has to be done. Test mode keeps any alarms from going to ADT so you can avoid any false alerts or the police getting a phone call.

Visit the ADT Website

The first method is to access from a desktop/laptop browser.

  1. Go to the My Alarm tab.
  2. Select Systems Management.
  3. Select Test System.

Once you select Test System, your ADT Home Security System will automatically go into Test Mode, blocking any false alarms from occurring.

Call ADT

You can also reach ADT via 1-800-ADT-ASAP. When you call this line, let them know that you want to place your system in test mode. Also, let them know that you are going to replace the battery on the main panel. Note that you’ll have to call them back to take the system off of Test Mode.

Use the ADT App

Finally, if you have one of the newer systems, you’ll have access to either the control app for ADT Command or the Pulse app for ADT Pulse. You can go on either one of these to place your system in Test Mode, rather than using the desktop website or calling ADT.

  1. Open the myADT app and select the System tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select System Test.
  3. Select the drop-down menu and select the amount of time for the system to remain in Test Mode.
  4. Select Start Test Mode.

That’s it. Once you’ve started the Test Mode in the app, your system will remain in that status until the allotted time is up, or you turn it off in the app.

Removing and Install the New ADT Panel Battery

Once the system is placed in Test Mode, you can go ahead and remove the ADT Panel battery. It’s not a difficult process by any means.

  1. Open the panel, remove the positive and negative cables from the old battery’s terminals, and remove the old battery from the panel.
  2. Insert the new battery. The positive and negative terminals will be labeled with red (+) and black (-).
  3. The red and black cables from the ADT panel should slide right over the positive and negative terminals on the new battery. Tighten them into place if necessary and close the panel.

Sometimes, the system is slow to update and may register a Low Battery symbol for a short period. It’s not anything to be concerned about unless it lasts longer than 48 hours. If it does last longer than 48 hours, the system is either not charging the new battery, or the keypad panel isn’t registering the change. Contact ADT for a service technician to have a look at it, or they’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps, like restarting the system.

Restart ADT Pulse/Command/Older Systems

If the battery is still reading low, you’ll want to try and do a system reset. Regardless of which system you own, this is a pretty simple process, especially if you have an older system.

If you own an ADT Pulse or ADT Command system, you’ll have to reboot the system via the Gateway/Bridge. To do this, unplug the Gateway and your router or modem. Wait approximately two minutes before you plug in your modem/router first. Allow the router to boot back up before you plug in the Gateway/Bridge. Once both devices are completely cycled back up, the system has been successfully restarted.

For older ADT systems, you’ll do this from the keypad. Enter the code for your system and hit Off twice. Some other systems may have a reset procedure spelled out in the user manual. Be sure to check it before attempting to restart the system.

Final Thoughts

Occasionally, the time comes around when you’ll have to replace the panel battery. Of course, you could always get ADT to do it. However, that means scheduling a day, taking time off of work, or even the dreaded thought of tying up a weekend day.

Thankfully, it’s not a difficult process. Outside of getting your system into Test Mode, it will literally take minutes to change the battery itself and secure your system with a solid backup resource.


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