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How To Replace A Ring Spotlight Bulb

Last Updated Sep 23, 2021
Several light bulbs.

So, you’ve noticed that your Ring Spotlight isn’t lighting up the way it should, and you don’t know what to do to fix the problem. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help!

Usually when a light goes out, we replace the light bulb. But when it comes to smart home tech, we don’t always have that option. Do you just give up and toss your Spotlight and buy a new one, or do you go through the process of returning it for a new light? The answer is no, because we’re not throwing in the towel yet! So, how do you replace a Ring Spotlight bulb? Let’s find out.

Is it Possible?

While we’ve answered our original question about replacing the Ring Spotlight bulb, we haven’t addressed our problem. If the LED can’t be replaced, how do we fix our Spotlight? We found the answers to some common reasons your Ring Spotlight is malfunctioning, and provided solutions to light the way!

The Ring Spotlight does not have a traditional light bulb that can be replaced. Ring Spotlights use 400 Lumen LED bulbs which are designed to last 50,000 hours, or roughly 5 years of constant use. If you are experiencing issues with your Ring Spotlight, it is best to look for other issues that may be causing your Spotlight to malfunction or fail to work.

Your Spotlight Won’t Turn On/Off Or Isn’t As Bright 

If you’ve noticed that your Spotlight wont turn on, has lost brightness, or if it seems to dim after a few moments of use, there’s a simple solution. The Ring Spotlights are battery powered, using 4 D batteries for each light. In general, these batteries need to be replaced one to two times per year. 

Check the batteries in your device for incorrect placement. Always make sure that the place you test your Spotlight is dark enough for the light to turn on, and leave the area your Spotlight is in for a few moments before checking to see if your actions have resolved the issue to avoid triggering the Motion Sensor while your Spotlight settings adjust.

If it seems like your batteries run out of power more quickly than they should, or your Spotlight wont turn off, you need to consider a few factors to resolve the issue:

  • Colder temperatures can decrease battery life. If the area you live in gets very cold, it will affect battery life. Temperatures under 32 degrees begin to decrease battery life, and extreme temperatures below -5 degrees cause batteries to fail completely and you should bring your device indoors.
  • The Motion Sensor in your Spotlight may be too sensitive, causing it to drain the battery power too quickly. Try turning your Motion Sensor’s sensitivity setting down in your Ring App
  • Check your Power Settings to see if there are other factors causing your Spotlight’s batteries to drain more quickly. To find these settings in your Ring App, follow these steps:
  1. Select the three lines in the top left of your apps main screen
  2. Select Devices
  3. Select Power Settings
  4. Select Battery Status: Battery Level to check your battery percentage
  5. Go back to Power Settings and select Feature Power Usage
  6. Select the small arrows to the right of each Feature Name and check Snapshot Capture, Motion Frequency, Motion Detection, Advanced Motion Detection and Video Recording Length to adjust your Spotlight settings to correct the issue.

These troubleshooting steps are also applicable if your Spotlight is continuously blinking or triggering randomly throughout the day. Check these settings, as well as your device’s battery usage regularly to resolve this issue in the future.  

Your Spotlight Isn’t Responding

If your Spotlight is functional but is not responding to App commands, or is failing to respond at the same time as surrounding Spotlights or camera lights, there are a few options to resolve the problem. Before these steps, you should begin with the troubleshooting process we outlined in the previous section of this article to rule out the possibility of the batteries being the issue with your Spotlight. 

Check your Auto Shutoff Control Settings in the Device Control Settings of your Ring App. You may have set the incorrect time. Adjust to refresh or update the time, then leave the Spotlight for a few moments to allow it to reset before checking to see if it responds properly. 

If your Spotlight wont respond in sync with other devices, it may be set up incorrectly in the app. Check to make sure your Spotlight is added properly, then double check to make sure it is in the correct Group. 


We managed to find an answer to our problem. We managed to correct our issue, even if you don’t know how to replace the Ring Spotlight bulb! There’s always a way to make things better, even if it gets frustrating.