How to Recover Deleted Ring Videos in 3 Steps

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When you own security and doorbell cameras, you may accidentally delete important footage, or Ring might delete the footage on your behalf.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know about recovering deleted ring videos in three steps. We will discuss backing up footage, when to contact Ring support, and external applications.

Save Your Important Ring Videos

Unfortunately, recovering deleted Ring videos can be a daunting task.

Many times, when a video is deleted from the ring servers, it’s gone forever.

It would be best to save important Ring videos and other locations, so you don’t have to worry about the Ring company deleting crucial footage.

Saving backup footage is crucial if you’ve caught something illegal on your ring camera that you must present to law enforcement.

Save to Your Computer

People use PCs less often than smartphones, making them a great spot to storm important footage.

If you caught some footage on your Ring camera that would benefit you later on, you should save it to your computer to play it safe.

It would be best to save this footage as soon as possible to ensure that Ring doesn’t delete it on your behalf.

Save to Your Smart Device

If you don’t have a PC, you can save your important ring camera footage on your smart device.

Whether you have a tablet or smartphone, creating this backup is a great way to keep your video safe.

You may prefer saving your videos on a smart device if you want easy access to the footage anytime.

This way, if you’re having a conversation with your friend, you can pull up the footage and show them.

Create a Physical Backup

If you want to keep your Ring of video long-term, you should create a physical backup.

The best way to back up your ring footage is by saving it on a USB drive.

You must create a physical backup of important footage to avoid losing the footage as you transition between devices.

What to Do if You Accidentally Delete Your Ring Video

You may have trouble recovering the footage if you accidentally delete your Ring video without saving it to a device.

Unfortunately, it could be impossible to recover lost footage.

However, even though there’s no guarantee that you can recover the footage, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Follow the methods below to recover your accidentally deleted Ring videos.

Contact Ring Support

The first and easiest method you can use is to get ahold of Ring support to see if they can recover your lost footage.

If this footage was deleted recently, you might be in luck.

However, Ring’s unlikely to recover it if it’s been a while since the video was deleted.

  1. Visit the Ring website or call 1 (800) 656-1918 for assistance.
  2. Let the person helping you know the time and date of the video capture.
  3. Answer any questions the person has about the video in question.
  4. Have your Ring login information readily available.

You need to contact someone from the company to recover your lost video footage.

Even then, it’s unlikely that Ring support can access the deleted footage.

Download an External Software

The most feasible way to recover your lost Ring video is by downloading a third-party application.

Follow the steps below to recover your Ring video through this method.

  1. Use your computer to download the Disk Drill App.
  2. Scan the storage device that your ring video was deleted from using this application.
  3. Filter through your scan results to find the video you want.
  4. Select the videos you want and click recover.
  5. Choose the folder where you want to put your recovered video.

Even when you use this external software, if you delete your Ring video from the interface, you’ll have difficulty finding it.

Can Police Access Deleted Ring Videos?

It’s so difficult to recover deleted Ring videos that law enforcement might be unable to recover them either.

Even in emergency situations, if a Ring video is deleted from the online interface, it’s gone forever.

For a police officer to access a deleted Ring video, they’ll need to contact ring support as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

If you delete Ring video footage from the online network, you may be unable to recover the video.

It would be best to back up your videos before this becomes a problem.

If you capture any important moments on your Ring video doorbell, you should save them to your device immediately.

Otherwise, you could lose the footage forever.

You can possibly recover lost video footage using a third-party application or by contacting Ring support shortly after deletion.

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