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How to Quickly Get Messages or Voicemail on VTech Phone

Last Updated Nov 6, 2022
vtech phone voicemail messages

VTech phones are known for their innovative features and their ease of use. They make the user experience as streamlined as possible and facilitate quick access to messages and voicemail.

To quickly get messages or voicemails on your VTech phone:

·      Set up voicemail.

·      Dial the shortcut to access messages.

·      Enter your code.

·      Follow the prompts to access messages
and voicemail.

A VTech phone can be a great asset in your company or in your household, especially if you know how to quickly get to your voicemails and messages. Read on below to find out more about how to do this.

How to Quickly Get Messages or Voicemail on VTech Phone

VTech offers great corded or cordless phones with top-tier range, crisp voice quality, and a host of convenient features.

This includes the voicemail option that adds practicality, especially if you want to remain within reach even of those trying to contact you, even if you are busy.

If your Vtech phone doesn’t have a messages button, you can quickly get voicemails and messages on your Vtech phone by following these steps:

  1. If your voicemail isn’t set up, do that first.
  2. Dial either *98 or *99 to access voicemail and messages.
  3. Enter your security code.
  4. Follow the prompts to access voicemail and messages.

It is easy to get messages or voicemails on VTech phones.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this process entails.

Set Up Your Voicemail

To make sure you get the full functionality of your VTech phone, you should set up your voicemail. This will help with making the process of retrieving them much quicker and more efficient.

There are some quick steps to follow to set up your voicemail when you’re ready:

  • Press the ‘menu’ button on the phone to access settings. On some models this can be called ‘OK’ instead.
  • Scroll down until you reach ‘answering machine,’ then go to ‘TAM settings,’ followed by ‘OGM settings.’
  • Choose between ‘ans & rec’ and ‘answer only.’
  • Press ‘ok,’ then scroll to ‘recording.’
  • Once you select ‘recording,’ you will be able to record your voicemail greeting message.

If you have a different phone provider that you want to use a VTech terminal with, this process may vary. In this case, you would usually have to dial your number, press the star key, then follow the prompts to set up your voicemail and record your greeting.

Make sure to always opt for the most fitting and convenient process based on the terminal you have and the provider you use.

Dial the Shortcut

After your voicemail is set up, you can quickly get messages on your VTech phone by dialing the voicemail shortcut.

This is usually accessed by dialing *99 or *98 on your VTech phone, but you can also dial your own number from a different phone to achieve the same result.

This shortcut may vary depending on your phone provider and the VTech phone model you have. Always make sure to check your manual or ask VTech customer support for the best way to get to your voicemail if you are unsure.

Key In the Security Code

After dialing into your voicemail, you will be prompted to enter your security code. This will have been set up as part of the initial configuration of the voicemail, but if you haven’t, VTech has some default ones.

You can try either 0000 or 19 to get access to your VTech phone voicemail if you haven’t set up your own code. This will get you securely into your voicemail, where you will be able to retrieve your messages.

Follow the Prompts

Once you have securely accessed your voicemail, you will be guided through a series of prompts, from listening to new messages to focusing on old messages. You will also be able to replay them, skip them, or delete them.

Feel free to organize your voicemail as you wish while getting your new messages or relistening to ones already stored there.

Following the prompts you are given will lead you through the extent of the menu available while getting you quick access to messages.

Press the Messages Button

On some VTech phone models, you will be able to access your messages even quicker by pressing a button on the device.

When you receive a new voicemail message, you will usually see a message icon flashing on your phone display.

When this happens, press the message button on your phone. This will immediately call your voicemail for you and get your new message to you right away.

It skips the step of having to dial your number or to the voicemail shortcut, which hastens an already quick process.

What About Deleted Messages?

While getting your messages on the VTech phone, you may be wondering if you can retrieve messages you have already deleted.

If you check the user manual for VTech phones with voicemail features, you will notice that it states that messages cannot be restored.

There is a limit of messages that can be stored in your voicemail (usually 99), so you will want to keep it organized by deleting older messages.

Whenever you do this, make sure that the voicemail message you are deleting is no longer needed.

There is no way to recover a message once it is deleted from the system. You should keep the important ones for as long as you need.


Accessing messages or voicemail on a VTech phone is a quick process that entails having the service set up. Then, you can either use a shortcut or dial in your number to get to your voicemail whenever you have new messages. You will only need your security code.