How to Put SD Card in Kasa Spot Camera?

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Kasa spot cameras are a great and affordable option to improve anyone’s home security. Still, they often need an SD card inorder to properly function. With how small the SD card slot is, and how different some of the Kasa Spot models are, it’s only natural to wonder how you put the SD card in in the first place? 

If you’re having trouble figuring out how and where to put your SD card into your Kasa camera, don’t sweat it. In the following sections we will breakdown everything you need to know to get your specific Spot camera set up. We’ll start by letting you know what type of SD card you need and then we will lay out how to insert it into the three basic kinds of Kasa Spot Cameras. 

What Type Of SD Card Do Kasa Spot Cameras Need?

Kasa Smart uses micro SD cards for its spot cameras. This is true whether you have one of the indoor or outdoor models.

To put an SD card in a Kasa Spot Camera, you must first identify which type you have. The three basic types of Kasa Spot Cameras–indoor security, outdoor security and pan and tilt–all have their SD slots in different places. Once you’ve located the one on your camera simply press the SD card in. 

Insert SD Card Into Kasa a Spot Camera

The first thing to note when you go to insert an SD card into your Kasa Spot camera, is what basic kind you have–whether it’s indoor, outdoor or pan and tilt.This is important because the type of spot camera you have will determine where your SD card will be inserted. 

With that, once you have located the SD card slot, gently press the SD card into the slot and then place the slot cover back over it. The SD card should be facing down, or the golden pins on the SD card should be facing in a way where they will make contact inside the slot. If it doesn’t seem to fit, try flipping it over. 

Locate SD Card Slot in Indoor Security Camera

The indoor spot security cameras from Kasa have perhaps the easiest to spot SD card slots. Fortunately, they are also some of the most popular models because they can work both for home security and as baby monitors. 

For these the SD card should be located on the side of the camera just below the power/reset button. There’s just a small SD slot cover in the way that you can pry open with your fingernails. 

Locating SD Card Slot in Outdoor Security Camera 

The SD card slot on the outdoor security cameras is the hardest to get to of all the types so that it remains protected from weather and from being stolen. Basically, because they’re meant for outdoor security, the SD card has a protective covering over it that requires a small phillips screwdriver to unscrew.   

If you flip the camera over, on the back you should see this panel with the words “Micro Sd | Reset” printed in small letters on it. Just remove the two screws with your Phillips screwdriver. 

Inside you’ll see a small reset button, in case you ever have technical difficulties with the camera, along with the SD card slot. Just insert the card into the slot, screw back on the cover and you’re ready to go!

Locating SD Card Slot in Spot Pan and Tilt Camera 

While the SD card slot for the Pan and Tilt Spot cameras isn’t as difficult to get to as the one on the outdoor cameras, it can be trickier to find. These cameras are great for motion tracking because of their mobility. It’s that same mobility that is used to conceal the SD card slot and give it a sleek look. 

Gently tilt the camera lens up and you will find both the restart button and the SD card slot. Pop your SD card in, tilt the camera back down and you’re all set. 

Are SD Cards Included With Kasa Spot Cameras?

With all this talk about how to insert an SD card, it’s important to also note whether or not SD cards are included with Kasa Spot Cameras. 

Unfortunately, the SD cards are not included with the cameras themselves and you’ll need one for each camera you set up. 

Final Thoughts

Actually putting the SD card into the camera is the easiest part. Whichever camera you have, simply make sure that the SD card is facing in the right direction and gently pressing it into place will have you set. If you forget which face of the SD card is supposed to go up and which is supposed to go down, simply look inside the slot for where the golden contact pins can connect. 

The slightly trickier part is determining where your SD card slot is. If you have the indoor camera you will find it on the side. With the outdoor camera it will be on the bottom, under a panel that’s screwed down. Finally with the tilt and pan camera, you will find the SD card if you turn the lens upward. Either way once you find it, you can pop in your card and get busy using your camera.

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