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How to Print from Your iPhone to Your HP Printer

Last Updated Sep 12, 2022
Businessman sends a photo to wireless printer by smartphone application

Do you have an iPhone and an HP Printer? Are you wondering, “How do I print with my iPhone to my printer?” 

IPhones can print to any printer that supports AirPrint and is on the same WiFi as the iPhone.

Printing from your iPhone can be a convenient option for active families or small businesses. This article will teach you how to print from your iPhone to your HP Printer.

Set Up HP Printer

Most HP printers have a built-in print driver that allows you to use AirPrint, making it easier to print from iPhone or other Apple products.

Printer Network Connection

The most important thing to setting up your printer is connecting to your WiFi. The good news is that it is the same WiFi as your iPhone.

  1. On your iPhone, ensure you are connected to your personal network. This would be the same network the printer will be on.
  1. Restart your HP Printer, then check the network connection. 
  2. Make sure the printer is within range of the WiFi router signal, and connect to the WiFi. 

If your printer has a touchscreen, touch the wireless icon or go to network setting menu. If your printer does not have a touch screen control panel, make sure the wireless icon light is on and not blinking. 

Depending on your printer, go to the WiFi settings and connect to the WiFi based on the steps your printer gives you.

Using AirPrint

As stated above, the most important thing, when using AirPrint, is that your IPhone and printer are on the same WiFi network.

  1. Open the App you want to print from. This can be any app from Safari to your photos to Facebook.
  2. Tap the share icon, usually has an arrow in the icon. This will pull up a menu with different options.
  3. Once the share menu is up, scroll down to the ‘Print’ option and click on it.
  4. Tap select printer, and select the printer you would like to use. This printer must be AirPrint enabled.
  5. Choose the number of copies you would like. This is also the time to adjust any settings that are needed.
  6. In the upper right-hand corner, there will be a Print button, click on that, and your document or picture will print.

Now your iPhone should be able to print using AirPrint.

My Printer is Not AirPrint Compatible

What happens if you find out your printer is not AirPrint compatible? As long as your printer is WiFi print enabled, meaning it can print over WiFi, you should be able to print from your iPhone with the help of a third party.

HP has an app called ‘HP Smart App,’ or you can set up ‘WiFi Direct’ through the printer. These third parties can help assist the printing process!

HP Smart App

This app will need to be downloaded to your iPhone to use this method.

  1. Install and open the app: If this is your first time using the app you will have to create an account or else you will simply log in to your HP account.
  1. Set up the printer you are going to use in the app. The app will start scanning what printers are connected to the same WiFi as your phone and pull up your printer.
  1. Make your HP printer more secure. Make sure the printer you are using is hooked up to a secure network, so only people on this network can use the printer.
  1. Use the app to print. The app will now let you use it to print. Simply bring up the document in the app and follow the directions to print.

The HP Smart app is available in the Apple app store.

WiFi Direct

There are some simple steps to follow to connect your phone to WiFi direct in order to print from your phone.

  1. Get the WiFi direct name and password. The name will say “Direct- then your printer name” 
  2. Join the WiFi network on your phone. It may ask you to enter the password to join.
  3. Follow the AirPrint directions from above.
  4. Reconnect to your original network once the document has been printed.

This option has the printer put out a WiFi connection for your phone to print directly to. 

In Conclusion

Printing from your iPhone is a very convenient function that allows you to print quickly without having to open up your computer or the need for a computer. 

Printing from your iPhone is possible no matter the printer; you only need WiFi.

There are many different options for printing from your iPhone. You can do AirPrint if your printer allows it. 

If your printer does not allow AirPrint you can download the HP Smart app or set up WiFi direct through your printer.

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