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How To Prepare Your Arlo Cam for the Unexpected?

Last Updated Sep 10, 2022
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There are times when unexpected circumstances come into play. With an Arlo Camera, you want to know how you can be prepared for just an emergency. How to prepare your Arlo Cam for the unexpected? 

There are plenty of unforeseen situations that you feel your Arlo Cam should be prepared for. Some of these include:

  • Power outages
  • Working without the internet
  • Theft

When it comes to planning for events beyond your control with your Arlo camera, there are steps you can take to counter these problems.

Does Arlo Still Record During Power Outages?

Power outages can happen at any moment in our lives. Maybe there is a huge thunderstorm, or your circuit breaker goes out. These moments of lost power can cause brief moments of vulnerability with your Arlo security cameras.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will act as a surge protector that has a battery inside of it to protect your security cameras from power outages. Purchasing a UPS and connecting it to your Arlo Base Station with batteries in your Arlo cameras will help you during these times.

You should also keep your cameras connected to an AC Outdoor/Indoor power adapter so that when the power does come back on, the switch is seamless.

Other Arlo camera users will pair their UPS with a modem and router to make the connection more reliable so that you are still able to control your camera at all times.

Does Arlo Work Without the Internet?

Should your Internet go down or you just are unable to access the Internet, you can still use your Arlo camera.

The Base Stations are the central hub for all of your Arlo cameras. Placing a USB stick or microSD card into it will ensure that any footage that is recorded will be stored on those devices. Without the internet, you are unable to change any settings on your camera or look at past recordings on your smartphone.

To view any video footage, you will have to take the USB or microSD card and place them into a computer. When the storage on these devices run-up, be sure to dump any remain video recordings on your computer. This offsets the chance that any important recordings are overwritten or just not recorded at all.

Arlo’s Theft Protection Plan

The Arlo Theft Replacement (ATR) plan has a requirement before you receive your new Arlo device. With this policy, you have to be the original owner of the Arlo cameras that have a paid Arlo subscription plan.

The paid subscription plans include:

  • Premier Plan
  • Elite Plan
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Even with these plans, only specific Arlo devices are eligible for replacement. Any accessories that are meant for the main devices will not be replaced, such as mounts or cables. The devices that are eligible for replacement are:

  • Arlo
  • Arlo Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3
  • Arlo Ultra
  • Arlo Video Doorbell
  • Arlo Audio Doorbell
  • Arlo Security Light
  • Any Arlo Batteries

With these devices, Arlo wants them to have been purchased by Arlo or an authorized reseller. The theft would need to have happened 12 months from the time of purchase to be considered.

Once you register your Arlo camera under the ATR plan, they will turn off your device, seeing as how it is stolen. This is a quick reminder to be sure to register any and all Arlo devices under your Arlo account to be eligible.

So, what are the steps to receiving a replacement device?

  1. The original owner of the Arlo device must file a police report and then receive a copy of it. The owners will have 14 days from the time of the theft to file for a police report.
  2. Before contacting Arlo, it is imperative that you do not remove the device or devices from your Arlo account. The Arlo support agent will need the information from the camera.
  3. Arlo allows you 30 days from the date on the police report to start an ATR claim with an Arlo support agent.
  4. The owner will then have to provide information about the cameras and some account information. This is why you should not delete the device from your account so soon. Also, keep any proofs of purchase about your Arlo device.
  5. Arlo will then view your police report and the sincerity of your ownership over your Arlo device to determine if you are capable of receiving a replacement. This is to ensure that fraud was not committed.
  6. You will be given a completely new or refurbished Arlo device that is the exact make and model of the one that was stolen from you.
  7. Arlo stresses that the theft must be in the United States as well as the law enforcement members who were contacted.
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