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How To Play Music On Echo Glow?

Last Updated Jul 31, 2022
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The Amazon Echo Glow is Amazon’s smart lamp night light aimed at children. It can help kids gain familiarity with technology early on and give them proficiency with tech to help carry them into their digital future. The soft glow of the night light will lull them to sleep and keep the monsters at bay with its soft 100-lumen glow in 16 different colors.

The simple design of the Amazon Echo Glow makes it perfect for small hands that are just learning. The only controls available on the Amazon Echo Glow are an on-off switch and the ability to tap the orb to change colors. Since it’s an Amazon Echo product, how do you play music on an Echo Glow?

How to Play Music on an Echo Glow

The Amazon Echo Glow does not have a microphone or a speaker. It is just a smart night light with a power button and the ability to change the color of the lights by tapping the top of the orb. No other controls are available on the device itself. To control it, you must use the Alexa app or connect the Amazon Echo Glow to an Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo.

You need to connect the Amazon Echo Glow to another Amazon Echo device, such as the Amazon Echo Dot Kids, to be able to play music with it. The Echo Glow doesn’t have a microphone or a speaker. It is only a smart lamp night light.

Even though the Amazon Echo Glow can’t pick up Alexa voice commands via a microphone or play music via an onboard speaker, it can be connected to an Amazon Echo to open up a world of possibilities. The Echo Glow can pair with an Amazon Echo such as the Echo Dot Kids and have dance parties, set bedtime alarms, and even help with homework.

Setting Up an Echo Glow and an Echo Dot

One note about connecting your Echo Glow smart lamp night light to an external speaker to play music: it must be an Amazon Echo branded speaker. The Echo Glow will not work with any other brand of smart home speaker. 

Setting up the Echo Glow and the Echo Dot are virtually the same. Follow these simple instructions to add the devices to your Alexa app and Amazon account, and then you can control them both, and you will start listening to music and having light-controlled dance parties in no time.

Setting Up an Amazon Echo Glow

  1. Plug in your Amazon Echo Glow
  2. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  3. Open the More menu
  4. Select Add a Device
  5. Select Light
  6. Select Amazon Echo
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to finish setting up your device

Setting Up an Amazon Echo Dot

  1. Plug in your Amazon Echo Dot
  2. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  3. Open the More menu
  4. Select Add a Device
  5. Select Amazon Echo
  6. Select Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and more
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to finish setting up your device

Now that both devices are set up, it’s time to start listening to some music! Keep reading to learn how.

Playing Music Using Alexa 

Now that you have an Amazon Echo paired with your Amazon Echo Glow, you can listen to music using your Amazon Echo Glow. It’s possible to use the Alexa app on your mobile device to stream music to the Amazon Echo and simultaneously program light sequences on the Alexa app for the Amazon Echo Glow. The music will play, and the lights will shine.

However, there is an easier way to get the Amazon Echo Glow and the Amazon Echo to play music and give you a light show or even that aforementioned dance party. You can use Alexa voice commands!

Using Alexa Voice Commands to Control Echo Glow and Amazon Echo

Alexa Voice commands open up the options for the Echo Glow and the Amazon Echo. You can have the light change to signal your kids that it is bedtime. You can set a light pattern to let them know how long to brush their teeth. You can even set a rainbow timer that will show the colors of the rainbow in order and end with a timer and a vocal Alexa alert.

If you want to play music, you simply have to ask Alexa to play a song. You can ask Alexa, “Alexa, start a dance party.” Then, Alexa will make the Amazon Echo Glow start changing the colors rhythmically set to music. You can then ask Alexa to change the song to anything you like, and the dance party light show will continue until you ask Alexa to stop it.

Some other useful commands are:

  • “Set bedroom light [any color].”
  • “Set an alarm for [any time].”
  • “Set the mood to Underwater.”

The Amazon Echo Glow has many different mood lighting patterns and sequences that mimic holidays, feelings, or environments.


Since the Amazon Echo Glow doesn’t have a speaker, you have to connect it to an Amazon Echo to play music, and only an Amazon Echo, as no other smart speaker brand is supported, it can be confusing for some people since Echo is right there in the name. However, the Echo Glow makes a fine addition to any room or desk for a child or adult.

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