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How To Pause Or Freeze Location On Find My iPhone In Seconds

Last Updated Dec 10, 2022
iphone in hands

There really isn’t a way to “pause” or “freeze” your location on Find My iPhone, but there is a way to turn off your location services. It will only take a matter of minutes just by following these steps.

Open Find My iPhone App

You will need to find the “Find My iPhone” application on your iPhone. Usually, it is within utilities, but it may have changed depending on where you put it. It looks like the following:

Go To “Me”

There will be a few options at the bottom of your screen: people, devices, items, and me. Click on me.

Turn Off “Share My Location”

You will be taken to a screen where you can turn off your location. Find that setting and click on it, so the button next to it is no longer green.

Once you have turned off your location, your screen should look like the following:


Turning off your location will make it so that none of the applications or anyone you shared your location with can see where you are. It just shows up as “not found.” You can easily revert this setting once you want to share your location again.