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How to Pair a Roku Remote

Last Updated Sep 28, 2022
Remote pointed at TV

Roku players have become extremely popular over the past few years. But, before you can use your device, you need to pair the included remote. How can you pair a Roku remote to your Roku player?

There are multiple types of Roku remotes, each with a different pairing process. Below, we’ll discuss how to pair different Roku remotes to your player. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

How Can I Pair a Roku Remote?

Before you can pair your Roku remote to your player, you need to learn which remote you have. Roku offers a variety of remote controls, all of which have unique features and perform specific functions.

Generally, the two types of remotes offered by Roku can be categorized into two groups:

  • Simple Remote
  • Enhanced Remote

Once you know which type of remote you have, you will be able to pair it easily.

What is a Simple Roku Remote?

A simple remote uses infrared (IR) light signal transmission to communicate with the Roku player. These remotes only work when they are pointed directly at the TV.

For a simple remote to work, it needs to be pointed directly at the TV or Roku player. If there are obstacles between the device and the remote, it won’t work correctly.

What is an Enhanced Roku Remote?

An enhanced Roku remote uses radio frequency (RF) for signal transmission and can be used even when it’s not pointed at the TV. Roku’s Voice Remote, Voice Remote Pro, and Game Remote are examples of enhanced remotes.

How to Pair a Simple Roku Remote

Simple Roku remotes do not have a designated pairing process because they connect to the Roku player whenever the batteries are inserted. When you set up your Roku device, the simple remote will automatically pair with it.

If this process does not work at first, follow the steps below to force your simple remote to pair to the player:

  • Insert the batteries into your remote.
  • Unplug the Roku player from the power outlet and wait for a minute or two.
  • Plug the Roku player back into the power outlet.
  • Turn on your TV.

Your simple remote will instantly pair with your Roku player, and you will see a red beam at the top of the remote whenever you press the buttons.

How to Pair an Enhanced Roku Remote

You can pair an enhanced Roku remote to your player using the pairing button in the battery compartment, or on the back for rechargeable remotes.

Pairing an enhanced Roku remote requires a few extra steps, but it’s still pretty simple. Just follow the steps below to do so:

  • Remove the plastic cover for the battery compartment.
  • Locate the pairing button. This is a small, circular button below the batteries. For rechargeable Roku remotes, you’ll see the pairing button on the underside at the back of the remote.
  • Press and hold the pairing button for 3-5 seconds. A green indicator light will blink once pairing has begun.

You will then see a pairing confirmation on your TV screen, letting you know your remote is ready to use.

Why is My Roku Remote Not Pairing with My Player?

While most Roku remotes offer an easy pairing process, some players may be unresponsive. If you’re having trouble pairing your remote to your Roku player, you can follow some basic troubleshooting steps to get your Roku to recognize your remote.

First, you can try replacing the batteries in your remote. If the remote has low battery power, it will not function correctly with your player.

If you’re using a simple remote, remove any obstructions between the remote and the player and ensure both devices are free of debris.

If these methods don’t work, you can try power cycling your player. Power cycling will reboot both the player and the remote, clearing any glitches that may be preventing the devices from working together. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Unplug the Roku player from the power outlet.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes, then plug the player back into the power outlet.
  • Wait for the Roku logo to appear on the TV before inserting the batteries into the remote.

Now, your remote should automatically pair with the Roku player. If you’re still having trouble, contact Roku Support for further assistance or a possible replacement.

In Conclusion

You can pair a Roku simple remote by inserting batteries in them only. On the other hand, you can pair an enhanced battery by long-pressing the pairing button in the battery compartment.

Roku is a streaming device that can convert any TV to a Smart TV. Given its incredible features and navigation system, you can get premium satisfaction with your Roku. But for that to happen, you need a functional remote. With these tips, you will be able to pair your remote successfully.