How to Open Fire TV Stick Remote & Change Battery (Picture & Video)

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of its most innovative creations. The ability to plug a small box into your HDMI port and access your favorite streaming services is quite the opportunity. However, many people struggle to remove the backing from a Fire TV Stick remote to change the batteries. How do you do this?

  1. Locate the indentation and arrow on the back of the remote.
  2. Place one thumb in the indentation and one thumb on the arrow.
  3. Apply pressure downwards.
  4. Remove the remote’s backing.
  5. Replace the AAA batteries.
  6. Slide the backing back on. 

Opening your Fire TV Stick remote should be easy, particularly with the latest models. Keep reading to learn more about opening your Fire TV Stick’s remote and changing the batteries!

How to Open a Fire TV Stick Remote & Change the Batteries

The new Fire TV Stick remotes are designed slightly differently from older versions.

While you used to slide the backing up to access the battery compartment, you now slide it down. 

Aside from this small change, the removal process is pretty much the same.

To open your Fire Stick’s remote, slide the backing downwards until it comes off completely. Then, replace the batteries and slide the backing upwards to reassemble the remote. 

It is as simple as it sounds, but as you will learn shortly, you might run into some problems.

Amazon has received several complaints in the past regarding the difficulty of changing the batteries in the Fire TV Stick remote.

Some people may receive more tightly connected remotes, but there is always a way to open your battery compartment.

Removing the Backing

The first step in removing the back of your remote is locating the indentation and downward-pointing arrow on the back of your Fire TV Stick remote. 

The indentation allows you to apply more pressure with your thumb.

The downward-pointing arrow indicates the direction you must push for removal.

It is also a convenient place to put your other thumb when applying pressure.

Apply firm pressure downwards, but ensure your efforts are not targeted back into the remote. 

You will have trouble removing the back if you push into the remote instead of pushing down and out.

As you push, the remote’s backing should slide with your movements. Push until the backing comes fully off of the remote.

Changing the Batteries

After removing the Fire TV Stick remote backing, grab two new AAA batteries

If you are replacing old batteries in the chamber, remove them first.

Align your new batteries vertically in the chamber, and make sure they are secure.

The batteries must be placed correctly so you do not face potential trouble when putting the Fire TV Stick remote back together.

The batteries align vertically in the chamber, with one on top of the other. Both are positive-side-up.

Replacing the Backing

After putting your new batteries into the Fire TV Stick remote’s chamber, align the backing at the bottom of the remote.

Set the backing on its tracks, and push upwards. If aligned correctly, the backing should slide right back in.

When you hear a small click or feel the connection between the remote and the backing tighten, you have successfully put the backing back on.

Why Can’t I Open My Fire TV Stick Remote’s Backing?

Many people complain that Amazon’s Fire TV Stick remotes are too difficult to open. 

In many cases, this is due to improper handling.

The Fire TV Stick is a solid but delicate structure.

Improper handling will make it more difficult to remove the backing and replace your batteries.

The above method should work for all Amazon Fire TV Stick’s latest remote models. These include:

Below, we’ll discuss what not to do while trying to open the back of your remote.

How Not to Open Fire TV Stick Remote Cover

Opening your Fire TV Stick remote should not require excessive force. 

However, the remote is likely more difficult to open for the first time. 

It should slide off fairly easily if you give the right amount of pressure and push in the right direction.

Avoid the following things while trying to open your remote’s backing:

  • Pushing into the remote. Push down and out to remove the back successfully.
  • Prying the backing. Always slide the cover off. 
  • Hitting the remote against a surface. This will not loosen the seal. It will only damage your remote.
  • Attempting to place the batteries in when the backing is not completely removed.

If you struggle to remove the Fire TV Stick remote’s backing properly, take a look at the video below to ensure you are executing the slide correctly.

As long as you slide the compartment correctly, you should have no problem opening it to replace the batteries.

Final Thoughts

While the initial removal of your Fire TV Stick remote’s backing might require a bit more pressure than subsequent attempts, it should not be too difficult.

Opening your Fire TV Stick remote and changing the batteries is simple. If you cannot open your remote, you are likely handling it improperly.

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