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How to Open and Extract RAR Files on Any iPhone

Last Updated Jan 20, 2023
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Opening up RAR files can be quite annoying when using an iPhone. Most of the time, you just end up with an error message, but not anymore. You can complete the following steps to open these types of files.

1. Download iZip

First, you will need to download the iZip app. This is a free application that will open up RAR files for you. 

izip app highlighted

2. Open Your Files

Once you have downloaded iZip and everything, you can now start the process of opening and extracting the files. 

files app highlighted

3. Choose RAR File

Go through your files to find the RAR file you want to open and extract. You will put your finger over it and hold it down, so the options pop-up menu shows up. You will want to press the “move” option.

move highlighted

4. Move To iZip

You will then need to find the file folder that says iZip to move the file to. You cannot open the file until you have moved it here.

izip highlighted

5. Open iZip

After moving the file, you will need to open the iZip application. There you will find the file to open it.

6. Choose The File To Open

Click on the file, and a pop-up screen will show up, asking you to confirm if you want to open it. Click “OK.” Now, you can access the file!

"would you like to unzip all files?" pop up


Accessing files has become easier than ever on your phone. Whether it is a third-party app or just a new update, you don’t have to be limited!