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How to Mount Ring Spotlight Upside Down, Horizontally, or Under Eave

Last Updated Aug 30, 2021
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Okay, so you’ve moved into your new home, maybe you have a life change or finally have something worth protecting. Whatever your life circumstances, we’re here for you! In this article you will learn how to mount your Ring Spotlight rather it is upside down, horizontally, or under an eave.

According to the product manufacturer 9″ is the ideal height for mounting. This means it is likely that you will need a ladder.  There are other optional supplies that you will need depending on the surface of the mount, drill, bits, and caulking, just to name a few.  This article will teach you the best way to mount your Spotlight Cam.

What Parts Are Supplied to Mount Your Ring Spotlight?

With different sidings come different mount surfaces. You may find yourself having to place your camera in unorthodox positions.  Don’t worry! Here we will take you step-by-step on how to mount your device depending on your angle.

  • Mounting bracket
  • Wire
  • Camera
  • Screwdriver
  • Plugs
  • Wire Clips
  • Hanging Hook
  • Wire Nuts

Take Caution Before You Mount

Now that you have your device you are ready to go outside to mount right? No! Pay attention to your clothing and be sure that you are dressed properly. Do not wear bulky clothing or clothing that can get caught on anything.

You also want to have a firm grasp so stay away from gloves. Wear footwear that will allow you to have even, stable footing. Depending on where you are placing the camera a ladder will be necessary. Always turn off your breaker to prevent possible injury.  Be sure that it is being used correctly and if possible do not do it alone.

Different Mounting Techniques Based on Material

Not all siding is created equal. You may be looking to mount your new camera on brick, cobblestone, wood, soffit, or vinyl. We will cover what tools you will use and the technique used for some of these surfaces.  Let’s begin with mounting on masonry such as the brick/stone variety.

How to Mount On to Masonry

 If you are installing on a garage or anywhere the camera will be outside but the cord will be inside a drill will need to be used.  First, remove the four screws located behind the mounting bracket.  The cord will need to go through the hole that is drilled in the wall then be reattached. Pop off the clip and pull out the wires.

Finishing Your Ring Camera Installation

Put wires in through the pre-drilled hole and then back into the camera replacing clips and screws. After drilling your holes you will need to use your plugs; pushing in ½ inch before replacing the disk. When the disk is replaced then you can screw in the screws.  If you needed to detach your camera from the socket now is the time to replace it.  From there, follow the directions for mounting unto wood or vinyl.

How to Mount On to Wood and Vinyl

Use a circular mounting plate that the camera will be attached to. Position it where you want the camera. Be sure to secure it facing “up”. 

  • Level this against the surface and using a dark writing utensil mark inside the holes making it easy to know where you will be drilling in the camera.
  • Drill the holes then relace the mounting plate.
  • Screw-in the nails.
  • Take the mount bracket and mount the camera on the mounting plate. 
  • When you slide it down, click it downward.

Mounting on Your Eave

If you are replacing a spotlight remove it and disconnect the wires. Take your hanging hook to hold the box cover still while you are doing the wiring.  You going to be putting together the black and white wires together.  

Cover the wire ends with the included nuts from your kit.  From there screw in your box cover.  Now it is time to put the camera on the box cover. When you install here make sure you insert the mounting plate with the ball socket pointing up.

Position Your Camera

Congratulations! You have finally got your camera mounted! Now it’s time to make some final adjustments. 

  • Open up the app that you have already installed on your smart device. Your camera view is now visible and adjustments can now be made. Once adjusted to the area you want to be into view; you go ahead put the security screw into the side. 
  • Tighten the screw on the camera’s collar. Take care to use your wire clips to secure the loose wire hanging from the camera to the outlet. Finally, plug in your device and be proud of your work.

Directing Your Camera

Mounting upside down or horizontally is possible and depends on you.  The ball socket and mounting plate can be adjustable. If you screw in the plate upside down or horizontally or upside down then that is how the mount bracket will click in! Simple as that!


Mounting your Ring Spotlight camera can be done fast and painless. There are a variety of sidings on which it can be installed. Some homeowners don’t like the idea of drilling into the home especially on the siding or overhang. If this is you then clips or steel beams can be an alternative to drilling. So now you know that whatever the direction you can have security that you can be proud to own!

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