Smart technology is everywhere, from our phones to our cars.  Why not take that smart technology into the one place everyone spends some time… your bathroom?  From smart scales to tech-savvy lighting, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom as Smart as the rest of your home.

What is a smart bathroom?  Smart bathrooms combine functionality with technology, providing consumers with an interactive, user-friendly experience.  Smart technology includes lighting, wireless technology, digital controls, as well as touchscreen user interface and voice controls.  Smart bathrooms pair these with toilets, faucets, showerheads, and mirrors.

Whether you are just getting started, or you have specific smart products in mind we have a few ideas to spread your smart-tech muscles and see where the future leads in smart bathrooms.

Conservation with Smart Tech Fixtures


The technology already available in many commercial applications can now be in your own bathroom.  Faucets that reduce water waste by sensor technology that turns the water on and off. 

Digitally controlled faucets offer the user the option of setting the exact temperature of the water.  Some units offer personalized user settings as well. 

Faucets that offer both hands-free and digital technology save more time and water than either individually, with an added plus of being a cleaner way to use a sink, no more soap covered handles. 

Brand Sink or Shower/Tub Touchless or Digital Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Asani Sink Touchless Lifetime warranty Check Price
Charmingwater Sink Touchless Adjustable temperature Check Price
Derpras Sink Digital LED lights change color with temperature Check Price
hm Shower System Shower Digital Constant temperature technology Check Price

Automatic Dispensers

Whether you use an automatic dispenser next to the sink to regulate how much soap you use to wash your hands or to hold shampoo and conditioner, there are several choices available to help limit the amount of product that is used. 

Some models can be manually set to dispense just the right amount for the application, such as a larger amount for long hair, or a small amount of hand soap to save little ones from soap waste. Some units even come with the ability to offer more than one type of product, such as soap and hand sanitizer.

Brand # of Dispensers Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Secura Single Infrared motion sensors Check Price
Larmhoi Single Non-slip, waterproof Check Price
Pykal Single Built-in storage Check Price
Better Living Triple Removable dispensers Check Price
Simplehuman Double 15 oz. capacity per dispenser Check Price

Intelligent Toilets

Whether you are looking for a heated seat, personalized ambient colors, or BluetoothÒ technology, the future has arrived with toilets that offer a personalized experience to the one thing all people use… every day.  Water preservation does not get any more personal than a smart toilet.

Brand Toilet or Seat Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Toto Toilet Bidet Check Price
Lotus Seat Heated seat w/temperature control bidet and dryer Check Price
SmartBidet Seat Heated seat w/temperature control bidet and dryer Check Price

Smart Technology for the Tub/Shower

LED Showerheads

These offer the user a chance to personalize their shower experience with lighting options from red to green, even flashing lights in some cases.  Using a LED showerhead instead of the bright fluorescent lights make for a more pleasant morning routine.

Brand # of Colors Additional Features Get it on Amazon
HotelSpa 7 Automatic color changing Check Price
Yoo.Mee 1 Digital temperature display Check Price
Prugna 3 Ionic Filter, Water saving Check Price

Digital Shower Controls

Whether you like your shower cool and refreshing or scolding hot, digitally controlled showers give the user a chance to make sure the shower is just right every time you step under the spray. 

Temperature regulators allow you to set a specific temperature.  Some models offer multiple users, making giving little ones a shower, simpler and safer.

Brand Handheld or Stationary Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Blue Ocean Both 8 fully adjustable nozzles, rainfall showerhead Check Price
Sumerain Both Micro USB rechargeable battery, rainfall showerhead Check Price
Derpas Both Tub spout included, rainfall showerhead, no electricity needed Check Price

SmarTap Smart Shower SystemÒ – as smart technology moves forward, the ability to use voice-controlled support like Alexa has now come to the bathroom.  With the SmarTap Smart Shower System, you have Alexa enabled control of your shower and up to 3 outlets.  Imagine the possibilities.

WaterpebbleÒ – much like a stop light to alert you when to turn off the water, Waterpebble stores information to help conserve water usage and alerts the user by a series of lights.  Green to start the shower, orange means you are halfway done, and red to alert you it is time to turn off the water.

Smart Whirlpool Tubs offer skin sensing technology to set the perfect pulse of jets to give you the most personalized experience a jet tub can offer.  Some styles offer light and sound linked options as well, giving each user a unique experience.  See Chromotherapy

Towel Warmers

Ever pulled a warm towel out of the dryer and just hugged it?  Well, now you can have that experience every time you step out of the shower.  Towel warmers range from simple toggle switches to smart technology that regulates the temperature and can be turned on and off remotely.

Brand # of Towel bars Additional Features Get it on Amazon
WarmlyYours 9 Hardwired, 2-year warranty Check Price
Amba 10 Hardwired, built-in power switch Check Price
Comfort 5 Freestanding, plug-in, curved design Check Price

Lighting and Sound Smart Technology for the Bathroom

Lighted Mirrors

Digital lighting offer more flexibility to traditional models.  A bonus is that some models offer motion activation as well.  Never stumble into a dark bathroom again.

Alexa is embedded right in the Kohler Verdera Mirror, giving the user all the advantages of other Alexa enabled devices, including voice commands for music, shopping, as well as nearly endless lighting options.

Brand # of Dispensers Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Kohler Single Alexa enabled, integrated stereo surround sound, built-in microphone controls lights, sounds, and volume Check Price
Hauschen Single LED backlight, anti-fog function Check Price

Wireless Speakers

Waterproof BluetoothÒ speakers have been around for a bit, but now they can be built right into the showerhead.  Some can be removed to become a portable waterproof speaker as well

Brand Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Cowin LED lights, 10W deep, bass floats Check Price
Sangean Radio Check Price
Yoo.Mee Built into showerhead Check Price


Light therapy has been proven to affect mood as well as overall mental and physical health.  There are now many smart devices, from LED showerheads to mirrors, to overhead moisture safe lighting, that offer users the ability to transform their bathroom into their own light therapy spa.

Brand Delivery System Additional Features Get it on Amazon
SDI Factory Direct Jetted Hot Tub BluetoothÒ Check Price
GlowTub Portable Remote Control, Battery Operated Check Price

Personal Smart Products

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening takes on high-tech with the use of LED lights and activator gels for better results over traditional teeth whitening systems.  Many systems connect directly to most smartphones and have a user-friendly interface to guarantee a positive experience.

Brand Active Ingredients Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Crest 3D Carbamide, Hydrogen Peroxide Dual tray, Made in the USA Check Price
iSmile Peroxide USB connector Check Price
AuraGlow Carbamide Peroxide 5 LEDS, timer, Made in the USA Check Price

Smart Toothbrushes

These connect with a smartphone app to track your brushing habits.  The technology is geared towards teaching children better brushing.  A bonus for any parent that has had a little one just walks in the bathroom and run water to pretend to brush their teeth. 

Brand Speed Brushstrokes/minute Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Phillips Sonicare 62,000 Brush sync replacement reminder Check Price
Oral-B unknown Bluetooth connected, pressure sensor Check Price
HoneyBull unknown 4 modes, 5 brush heads, auto timer Check Price
Mueller 66,000 Smart brush sensors, CrossClean technology Check Price

Smart Scales

Smart Scales can measure not only weight but can track body fat measurements, body mass index (BMI), and heart rate.  Some smart scales offer user recognition, so multiple people can use the device with no problems.  Compatibility with favorite fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal is also an option.

Brand Bluetooth Connected Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Arboleaf Yes 10 body compositions, unlimited users Check Price
Greater Goods Yes 6 body compositions, up to 8 users Check Price
Innotech Yes 9 body compositions, up to 10 users Check Price

Integrated Technology

Bathroom TV

If you have ever put off a bathroom break afraid you may miss the next play or the monster behind the door, worry no more.  You can now purchase TVs specifically designed for the high moisture environments found in bathrooms.  Smart tech-savvy users can link the TV to many of the smart devices available for regular viewings, such as the Amazon Firestick, making the switch from room to bathroom seamless.

Brand Mount/Size Additional Features Get it on Amazon
Pyle In wall Full HD 1080p, 4 inputs Check Price
Soulaca Hanging/32 inch Mirror, LED, includes Android 9.0 Check Price

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets are not just for the rest of the house anymore.  With the introduction of GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) smart outlets, even your bathroom outlets can be linked up.  Perfect solution if you need to heat up a hair straighter or heated shaving cream, with a simple voice command.

Brand Handheld or Stationary Additional Features Get it on Amazon
General Electric (GE) GCFI Outlet Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Alexa Check Price

Remote Controlled Privacy – special smart glass offers users a chance to have both a clear open view or opaque privacy glass at the touch of a button or even simply walking into the bathroom.  Additional options include UV protected glass for exterior wall applications, as well as scheduling features to automate the experience even more.

Savvy Smart MirrorÒ – A mirror that doubles as a touchscreen with built-in digital voice assistance, an Android OS, BluetoothÒ technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an HDMI port.  With a built-in microphone and motion sensors, this mirror is a step into the future.

Related Questions

Can you watch TV in the bathroom? While you could take a traditional television into the bathroom if you wanted to, they are not made to be in moist environments.  However, there are TVs that are specifically designed to be in moisture-rich environments like a bathroom, so it is possible to watch TV in the bathroom.

Does Smart technology increase the value of a home?  Most improvements raise the value of a home in some way.  Adding built-in, up to date smart technology to your home can add value, as well as draw attention from prospective buyers.  Smart devices are known for their premium prices in many cases.  Therefore, prospective home buyers place a high value on smart technology integrated into a home.