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How To Make Ring Spotlight Cam Record Longer

Last Updated Aug 30, 2021
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The Ring Spotlight Cam is a reliable asset to your home or office security system. It has many features and comes in wired and battery-powered versions. The camera also comes in white and black and offers an option to record. However, the battery-powered and wired Ring Spotlight cams record for a short time.

You can make a wired and battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam record longer through the app. The battery-powered camera can record from fifteen seconds to two minutes. The wired camera can record from fifty seconds to two minutes. The cloud stores a certain amount of recordings, but you can subscribe for a fee to increase your space.

The Ring Spotlight Cam offers a high-quality video recording at 1080 HD with a wide-angle lens. It also has advanced motion detection that is customizable and can send alerts when it detects motion. Additionally, it has built-in lights, infrared night vision, and an alarm. There are so many wonderful features to help with your recordings.

Steps to Make the Ring Spotlight Cam Record Longer

If you find that you need your Ring Spotlight Cam to record longer than the defaults (sixty seconds for wired Ring Cams), you will need to have the Ring App downloaded on your phone. The process is slightly different settings for wired and battery-powered devices.

Battery-Powered Ring Spotlight Cam Settings

The steps for extending the amount of time a battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam are simple. You can follow these instructions for many of the battery-powered and wireless Ring Cams.

  1. Open up the Ring App on your phone.
  2. Select the three lines on the top left of your dashboard screen
  3. Select “Devices” and choose the device you want to change the recording length on. You can have different recording lengths set to different cameras if you’d like.
  4. Select “device settings.”
  5. Select “video recording length.”
  6. Select which recording length you would like to use.

Once you have selected the recording length, you should analyze the Ring Spotlight Cam’s battery levels. Longer recording sessions will drain your battery faster, leading you to have to charge it more frequently. 

Wired Ring Spotlight Cam Settings

Changing the recording length on a wired Ring Spotlight Cam is just as easy as changing the time for a battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam. You can use these instructions on other wired Ring Cams as well.

  1. Download and open the Ring App on your phone.
  2. Select the three lines on the top left of your dashboard screen
  3. Select “Devices” and choose the device you want to change the recording length on. You can have different recording lengths set to different cameras if you’d like, just as you would with a battery-powered Ring Cam.
  4. Select “device settings.”
  5. Select “video settings.”
  6. Select which recording length you would like to use.

If you have a battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam, you will get a notification that your battery will drain faster. The motion verification settings will also affect how long you record for. 

Ring Spotlight Cam Recording Lengths

Generally, the Ring Spotlight Cams have the same recording lengths, whether you’re recording on a battery-powered or a wired camera. They do slightly differ but have the same maximum recording length.

Recording LengthBattery-Powered Ring Spotlight CamWired Ring Spotlight Cam
15 secondsX
20 secondsX
25 secondsX
30 secondsX
50 secondsX
60 secondsXX
90 secondsXX
120 secondsXX

Adjusting your motion detection sensitivity will also affect your recordings. Suppose you have more sensitive motion detection and verification. In that case, your battery on your battery-powered Ring cam will deplete faster, and the memory in your Ring cloud storage will fill up faster.

Reasons to Change Your Recording Length

There are many reasons to have to change your Ring Spotlight Cam recording length. Most of them are personal preference; others are for additional security. Some of the most common reasons people want to record for longer or shorter times are:

  • Kids are playing in the front yard and are triggering your camera to record more often than you need.
  • If you regularly have people who come to your door or you’re having a party.
  • Something suspicious is going on in your neighborhood, such as packages being stolen from your or a neighbor’s door.

Ring Cloud Storage

Every Ring device comes with a basic amount of storage. This can fill up fast if you record for longer times, have multiple devices, and don’t clear out your storage frequently. If you find that you’re filling up on space quickly after making changes to your recording length and motion verification, you may want to consider buying the Ring storage plan.

Ring offers two special storage plans for only $3 or $10 a month, depending on the devices you have and your needs.

Both the basic and the plus storage plans allow you to save your video history for up to sixty days, share videos, and capture snapshots. The plus plan additionally allows you to have an extended product warranty for your Ring devices in your home.


Regardless of your needs for a Ring Spotlight Cam, many people want to adjust their recording lengths for different reasons. It’s as simple as opening the Ring App on your phone and updating your settings. Keep in mind that changing your recording length will affect your storage and battery life.

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