How To Make My Vizio TV Louder

Raising the volume n a Vizio TV with the remoteRaising the volume n a Vizio TV with the remote

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The extensive sound options on Vizio TVs make them perfect for movie and TV enthusiasts who enjoy listening to their shows just as much as watching them. Knowing that Vizio provides such in-depth sound settings, you may wonder, how do I make my Vizio TV louder?

To make your Vizio TV louder, you can either turn up the volume on the TV, use a set of speakers, or adjust the settings within the TV itself. There are options available to fine-tune the sound settings on a Vizio TV within its settings menu.

Now that you know the general ways to make your Vizio TV louder, you can continue to read to learn how to fine-tune the sound to enhance your viewing experience.

Make Vizio TV Louder With TV Settings

One of the most unique ways a user can make a Vizio TV louder is through the TV settings on the TV itself. 

Even though it may seem obvious, you can use the volume buttons on your remote, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

Vizio TVs come with various options that allow users to adjust the sound to their personal preference. Below, we have outlined just how you can do this.

Turn it on and Configure

The first step to adjusting your Vizio TV to make it louder is to turn it on. Use the remote and press the menu button. 

Once the menu screen pops open, select Audio Settings, once this menu is open, it is time to configure the sound for the TV.

Select Audio Mode within the sub-menu. Pick an audio mode that fits your preference. There are five different options that appear under this menu. Choose from Rock, Pop, Flat, Jazz, or Classical.


Next, select “Balance.” 

The balance setting allows you to determine how much sound comes out of the left speaker versus the right speaker and vice versa. The menu lets you preview your changes to ensure the right amount for every adjustment.

Lip Sync

Pick the Lip Sync setting next. This allows you to adjust how close the audio matches the video on the TV screen. 

If you find your TV playing audio and the actor’s mouth and actions do not match, this is the best way to fix the problem. If this doesn’t work, we have other great fixes for you.

Advanced Audio

The advanced audio settings allow users to turn on or off the SRS TruSurround HD function. It also allows users to adjust the SRS TruVolume function. 

Both of these functions will result in louder sound quality.

Analog Audio Out and Digital Audio Out

Now you want to go into the Analog Audio Out and Digital Audio Out settings. These settings should be toggled based on system and speaker connectivity. 

Use Digital Audio Out when using a digitally connected speaker system or similar external sound system. Use Analog Audio Out when you use an RCA-connected sound system.

Set Up the Remote

The Vizio TV allows you to program your remote to adjust the internal or external sound speakers. 

To adjust this setting, go to the Audio Control settings. Next, choose TV on the Vizio remote. Choose external or internal. This determines how the remote will interact with your TV.

Alternative Ways To Make Your Vizio TV Louder

If you have already balanced out your settings and still want to increase your TV’s volume and sound levels, there are alternative ways to get there. 

Technology has greatly improved, and we have highlighted some amazing options below.

  • Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker
  • Go Groove Portable Speakers
  • Vizio Soundbar

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

The Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker is a great way to enhance the sound of your TV or smart device. It operates through a Bluetooth connection and provides crisp, high-quality sound. 

It comes in a wide array of colors to complement any home.

Another positive trait about this smart speaker is it has Google Assistant connectivity. This means you can ask Google to turn it on, turn it off, or raise to volume when you want your Vizio to be even louder.

Go Groove Portable Speakers

Another great option to make the sound louder on your TV is Go Groove portable speakers. These speakers are small but pack a big punch in the sound department. 

They also connect via Bluetooth and are easy to pack away when not in use.

Vizio Soundbar

Vizio also makes a soundbar compatible with its brands of TVs and other TVs. 

Connecting a Vizio soundbar to TV is extremely easy. These soundbars are affordable, have a modern design, and have superior sound quality overall.

Turn Up the Volume

Vizio makes superior and loud sound quality a top priority for their TVs. There are tons of different settings and options a user can play with until they find the best selection to fit their needs. So hook up some speakers, adjust the settings, and enjoy the sound.

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