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How to Make My Samsung TV Louder

Last Updated Oct 1, 2022
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Sometimes you want to have the experience of watching a movie like in a movie theater at home.

Samsung televisions have great speakers, but adjusting the settings and/or adding an external sound device such as a soundbar or a surround sound system can make the sound even better.

If you want a louder Samsung TV, whether with or without external equipment, this article has you covered! Keep reading to explore your options for making your loud TV dreams come true!

Adjusting The Settings

The rumpling of your chair at a suspenseful scene or hearing the birds in the background of your favorite scenes really does change your experience while watching a movie.

Thankfully, all TVs have a settings menu where you can change different aspects of the TV. 

These aspects can be anything from the brightness to the volume settings. The volume setting can make the TV louder, using just the speakers on the TV.

In the settings, you are able to make the TV louder or softer; some TVs even have special settings that allow for different situations. 

For example, if you want to watch a movie, some TVs have theater mode, which changes the setting. 

There is also a volume button on the remote which will allow the volume to get louder.

Most TVs have speakers on the backside of the device; this means adjusting the volume setting through the TV might just not be enough. 

Now that your settings are adjusted, but the sound is still just not quite where you want it. What do you do now? 

Now is the time to look into an external sound device!

Addition of External Sound Equipment

There are all sorts of external sound devices that you can get to enhance the sound of your TV. These devices hook up to your TV and enhance the sound that is already coming from it. 

The most popular external sound equipment are sound bars and a surround sound system, while these do not sound all that different but can make the sound on your TV louder.

There are quite a few differences between the devices, all with different advantages and disadvantages of each.


A soundbar is basically an external speaker that works with your TV. 

The bars get hooked up to your television through a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cord. However, some more modern systems can be through a wireless connection. 

Here are some pros and some cons of the soundbar:

  • It will make the volume on your TV even louder, making the sound even better.
  • Most of the sound will come from the soundbar — which will more than likely be in front of the TV — meaning that now the sound will be closer to you. 

Unfortunately, if there are pros, there are also cons. 

The biggest con of the soundbar is that this device is just one speaker which sits in front of or near your TV. This means that the sound comes only from one external speaker and your TV’s speakers.

If this still isn’t enough volume, consider a surround sound system.

Surround Sound System

A surround sound system is a more advanced soundbar. 

The system will usually include a soundbar as well as some extra speakers to put around the room. It will also hook up to the TV in a similar way as the soundbar.

 A surround sound system has quite a few pros:

  • There is more than one speaker in the system. 
  • The speaker placement is up to the person setting it up, but usually, the speakers are around the room. 
  • A surround sound system is the best option to get the at-home theater effect.

The biggest con about a surround sound system is that there can be a lot of wires depending on the system. Wires connect most of the speakers — unless of course the system is wireless. 

In Conclusion

The sound from your TV speakers can make or break the mood you are going for when watching a show. 

Sometimes the speakers alone on the TV might not be enough to really get the effect you would like. 

Adjusting your TVs setting might help a little, but for the most change, an external sound device might be needed.

A soundbar or surround sound system might be the best option to make the volume of your TV the loudest it can be. 

A simple enhancement to your sound can be the inclusion of a soundbar. This is a simple speaker that hooks up to your TV.

While a soundbar is the simple option, a surround sound system is a little more complex. This system will give your home a movie theater feel!

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