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How to Make My Hisense TV Louder-Increase Volume

Last Updated Oct 10, 2022
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Volume control of televisions is very important, especially for the elderly, who often need to increase the volume even more to hear their favorite program.

To increase the volume on a Hisense TV, you can use the remote, apps on a smartphone or certain other smart home devices, or the buttons on the TV if it has them.

So whether you are trying to make your grandma’s Hisense TV louder, or if you aren’t very tech-savvy yourself, there is no need to fret! Read on to discover the many ways on turning that TV up.

How to Make My Hisense TV Louder

It can sometimes be difficult to take in that 87% of homes have a TV connected to the Internet.

For many of us that grew up with just the TV remote, and maybe a cable box remote: technology seems to be evolving at a rapid rate.

Hisense, while not in the top market leading, has increased its smart TV share year-over-year for the past few years and has a wide variety of smart TV choices.

With all the different technologies converging, the sheer amount of ways to control a Hisense TV volume can be very confusing.

Here are some ways to make a Hisense TV louder:

  • Use the remote
  • Use your Smartphone
  • Leverage Smart Home Automation
  • Use the buttons on the TV

The following sections go into these methods in greater detail.

Use The Remote

The volume of any Hisense TV can be increased via the remote that came with the TV.  This is the easiest and most direct method that many are used to.

The standard Hisense TV remotes have a rocker button marked “Vol” with the plus and minus signs. 

Simply press the plus side of the button to increase the volume.

On Hisense Roku TVs, the Roku remote comes standard. In this particular remote, the volume rocker button is on the right side of the remote.

If you have lost the remote that came with your TV, then you can get a universal remote.

These devices can often be hit-or-miss on setup, so only do this if you have to. 

Use Your Smartphone

This is fast becoming the normal way many Gen Z TV viewers are controlling their TVs. 

The smart TV market dominates, and many people have started using physical remotes only as a backup. 

Hisense TVs have a couple of apps that can make that volume louder.

Some Android smartphones even come with an IR transmitter, so there could be an app for that too!


The RemoteNOW app is developed by Hisense. You can increase the volume in the app by following these instructions:

  • Download the RemoteNOW app on your smart device
  • Ensure that your TV and smart device are connected to the same network.
  • Launch the app
  • Scan for available devices on the network.
  • Once connected, simply press the “+” button on the left side of the app GUI.

The RemoteNOW app, although the official app from HiSense is not the only app that you can use to control one of their TVs.

ROKU app

A few Hisense TVs run the Roku operating system, and as such can leverage all of the fun things a Roku streaming box can do. 

Along with this comes full control using the Roku app.

In order to increase the volume on a Hisense Roku TV, you need to do the following:

  • Download the Roku app on your smart device
  • Ensure that your TV and smart device are connected to the same network.
  • Launch the app
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the TV and app together
  • Select the Remote tab
  • Press the button in the bottom right (the high-volume speaker symbol) to make the Hisense TV louder

While apps to control your TV are useful, there are more ways to control a TV’s volume for the tech-savvy.

Leverage Smart Home Automation

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular in this cloud-based, ultra-connected world. 

A setup of these devices can do everything from answering your doorbell to opening your garage to even keeping track of your egg trays!

What has become even more popular is the act of controlling smart devices with other smart devices. 

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled speakers are a particularly poignant example.

Many Hisense TVs support the Alexa service. Imagine, changing the volume of your TV through the use of your own voice!

Once you have this skill set up in your device through the Alexa app, all you need to do is tell the smart speaker to turn the volume up on your Hisense TV. 

Many of the newer Hisense TVs also support Google Assistant. A few Hisense TV models are actually full Android TVs.

This means that they run off a version of the Android OS, and are very compatible with anything Google.  

From the Google Assistant, you can add the TV to Google Home and control it through a Google Nest speaker, similar to the Alexa Echo.

Use the Buttons on the TV

As a last resort, you can use the physical volume “+” button on the TV. This, unfortunately, can present many problems.

Since this method is almost never used in this day, many smart TV manufacturers have chosen to make these buttons not so user-friendly, if they have them at all!

They are often obscured in an odd spot, very hard to press, and very small.

Also, the location of these buttons can differ with each Hisense TV model. You may need the manual just to find these buttons!

In Summary

Smart TVs these days can be hard to navigate, especially with the numerous options that Hisense offers.

Through the multiplicity of innovations, there will be many ways to increase the volume on a television (and maybe even more in the future).

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