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How To Log Out Of Netflix On An iPhone

Last Updated Sep 28, 2022
Netflix login screen on an iPhone

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming video apps available. The Apple iPhone is the most popular phone in the United States, but how do you log out of Netflix on your Apple iPhone?

To log out of Netflix on your iPhone, you will need to sign out of the app itself, force the app to quit running, and then reset your account in settings to sign out of Netflix fully.

It may seem like a lot of steps, but with a little confidence, even the least tech-savvy person will feel like a tech wizard when troubleshooting their problems.

How to Log Out of Netflix on an iPhone

The steps to log out of Netflix on an Apple iPhone may seem tedious, but they are necessary to fully log out of it and ensure the program is no longer running.

  1. Sign Out of Netflix
  2. Force the Netflix App to stop running
  3. Reset the Netflix app to use new credentials

By resetting the Netflix app, you are definitively making the iPhone forget the previous settings. Also, by forcing the iPhone to close, you assure that the app is no longer running.

Logging out of Netflix on an iPhone isn’t the only cumbersome task for an Apple product. There’s a particular way to log out of Netflix on an Apple TV.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on your Apple iPhone

The first step to ensuring that you are fully signed out of your Netflix account on an Apple iPhone is to sign out of the app. 

  1. Open the Netflix App on your Apple iPhone
  2. Select the Profiles button in the upper right part of the Netflix App – this will be the image associated with your Netflix Profile
  3. At the bottom of the Netflix Menu is the option to Sign Out
  4. Select Sign Out
  5. A confirmation message should pop up – Select Yes to confirm Signing Out

If you don’t use Netflix profiles, in step 2, just select the three menu lines in the upper right corner of the Netflix app.

Force the Netflix App to Close on your Apple iPhone

This next step ensures that the Netflix App is no longer running on your Apple iPhone. This assures that the iPhone forgets the previous account’s credentials when we reset the app. 

  1. Open the list of currently running apps
  2. If your iPhone has a home button – double-tap the home button to bring up the list of running apps. If your iPhone doesn’t have a home button go to step 3.
  3. If your iPhone doesn’t have a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the phone’s screen and pause around the middle of the phone’s screen to bring up the list of running apps.
  4. In the list of running apps – swipe until you see Netflix
  5. If you see Netflix in the list of running apps – Swipe up on the Netflix app to force it to stop running 
  6. It is already closed if you don’t see the Netflix app in the list of running apps.

It should also be noted that by forcing the Netflix app to close and resetting it, you will not only be logged out of the account but also lose any downloaded videos saved by Netflix.

Reset the Netflix App

Resetting the Netflix App will return the app to its original downloaded state. This assures that the account is logged out and the app will be ready to accept a new account.

If you reset your Netflix App, you will lose all downloaded videos you saved for offline viewing. This will not affect your watchlist or saved videos within Netflix itself.

  1. Select the Settings Icon on your Apple iPhone
  2. Scroll down and Select Netflix from the list of apps
  3. Toggle the Reset button at the bottom of the Netflix Settings menu
  4. The toggle button should now be green

The next time you open Netflix, it should be as if you had just downloaded it, and you can now log in with a different account or retry your original credentials. 

Log In With New Credentials on your Apple iPhone

Now that you have signed out of Netflix, force closed the Netflix app and reset the Netflix app; you can use new credentials with Netflix on your Apple iPhone.

  1. Open the Netflix app
  2. Sign in with the new account credentials
  3. You should now be able to enjoy Netflix using the new account

Netflix saves your account information and watches history digitally so that it will remain unchanged. However, offline videos will be lost once you have signed out and reset the Netflix app.


While it may seem like too many steps to assure you are logged out of Netflix on an iPhone, it is worth making sure someone isn’t using your account that shouldn’t be.

It also allows you to use multiple accounts depending on your usage needs.

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