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How To Lock Private Photos On Your iPhone

Last Updated Jan 23, 2023
iphone 12 on desk

Locking private photos will make you feel more secure, especially when there is something on there that you don’t want people to see. You can do this with the newest update on your iPhone, and here’s how.

  1. Go To Settings And Find “Photos”

You will need to go to your Settings App. Scroll down within your settings until you find the Photos icon. You will need to scroll past the shortcuts. Click on “Photos.”

photos highlighted
  1. Turn On Face ID

When you open “Photos,” a list of options will pop up. Here you will find the title “Hidden Album.” Beneath it, you will have the option to use your Face ID to get into the album. This means no one can get in unless you provide your face as identification.

hide highlighted
  1. Add Photos To Your Hidden Album

Now you can add photos to your hidden album. If you already have photos in this album, there will now be a passcode on it so only those with the code can access it.

green toggle highlighted


With this new update, you can now feel safer with some of your more private photos and videos. You don’t have to worry about someone snooping around and finding them.