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How to Know If Nest Cam Is On

Last Updated Dec 8, 2021
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For people that may be new to the world of home monitoring, making sure that a system is working properly is paramount. Some people may think they need to be a tech guru to set up a home monitoring system. But that isn’t always the case. Here, we will look at some things to do with the Nest Cam to make sure it is on and properly working.

As a general rule, when the Nest Cam is showing a green light, this means that it is on. However, there are other ways to tell if your Nest Cam is on, like going into your Nest Cam app and pulling up the camera that you are looking for.

A green light does have more meaning to it. And as we go on, we will look at some of the other lights that you may see while using your Nest Cam.

What Does A Green Light On The Nest Cam Mean

Now that we have talked about some of the ways to know how your Nest Cam is on, we will now talk a little about the different indicator lights, and what they mean.

The green light has two different indications. Here’s what they mean:

  1. First is the solid green light. What a solid green light means is your camera is recording video and that it’s either saving it on the Nest cloud network or saving it on the local storage. 
  2. But if you see a pulsing green light this means that someone is using the app to watch the video feed from that camera. They could also be using some of the other features like talk and listen, or they are in the quick settings for that camera.

The green light is the best indicator that you are getting the recording that you are looking for with the Nest Cam. If you would like to learn more about Nest Cam, check out this article. Next, we will look into what a blue light would mean from your Nest Cam.

What Does A Blue Light On The Nest Cam Mean

So far we have gone over how to know if your Nest Cam is working and what the green light means. But there are other light indicators that your Nest Cam has. We will take a look at the meaning of a blue light from your Nest Cam.

The blue light has two different meanings. Let’s find out what they mean:

  1. First is the normal pulsing of the blue light. If you see this, it means that your Nest Cam is ready to be connected to the system and app. 
  2. If the blue light is pulsing faster than normal, it means that it is trying to connect to the network. After it connects, it should then turn into a green light, indicating that it is recording video.

So with a blue light, there is nothing to worry about. But there are other lights that are something to be concerned about. Next, we look at what a red light could mean for your Nest Cam.

What Does A Red Light On The Nest Cam Mean we 

So far we have covered two of the more common lights that you will see on your Nest Cam. But what does it mean when you see a red light on your Nest Cam? When most people see a red light, they may start thinking the worst. But is that the case with the Nest Cam?  And will this be a cause for concern for you?

The meaning of the red light depends on the model of Nest Cam that you are using:

  1. If you are using the Nest Cam IQ, the red light means that your camera does not have a sufficient power supply. All that would be required is to plug the camera into an outlet that can properly power it. 
  2. However, if you own the Nest Cam indoor or outdoor model, the red light means that the LED of the camera is not working. If you have this problem, you will need to contact Nest Support for help with this issue.

As you can see, depending on your model of Nest Cam, the red light does not necessarily mean the worse news. But knowing the answer to the questions of what these lights indicate, can help bring peace of mind.

How Do I Turn My Nest Cam Light On

The Nest Cam series of products now includes the Nest Cam with Floodlight. This model may interest those that are looking for both video monitoring and bright outside lighting as well. With most floodlights, they are motion activated. 

This is very helpful if you need lighting while coming home, or if you want to spotlight a potential intruder. But with the Nest Cam with Floodlight, are you able to manually turn it on?

As a whole, you will be able to manually turn on the light on the Nest Cam with Floodlight. The main requirement to be able to do this is to have the device linked to the Google Home app. 

From the app, you will be able to manually turn on, and off, the floodlight. The app will also give you the option to set the floodlight on a timer, if you choose. Also, from the app, you can turn the motion detection on or off. It even allows for you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection. There are three different ranges; low, medium, and high. 

The Nest Cam with Floodlight, paired with the Google Home app, helps give you the control you need over the lighting from this device.


So we have learned that the green and blue lights on the Nest Cam are normal functioning lights for the camera. Whereas the red light means that you have a problem with your Nest Cam that will need to be addressed.

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