How To Invert A Photo On iPhone (With Screenshots)

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There is no worse feeling than taking a picture and it not coming out cute like you thought! Why in the world do cameras flip everything? If you want to invert a photo on iPhone after you’ve taken it, you’ll need to follow some steps.

How To Invert A Photo On iPhone

Choose Your Photo

First you will need to pick out the photo you would like to invert. Open it up on your phone to start the editing.

Click “Edit”

Click on the blue “Edit” that should be in the top right hand on your screen. This is where you can do any and all editing of your photo.

Find The Rotate Option

Once you are in the editing option of your photo, there will be three symbols at the bottom of your screen between the words “Cancel” and “Done.” 

Choose the “rotate” symbol that is the third one to the right (closest to the word “Done.”)

Invert Your Photo

There are quite a few options to adjust the photos position on this screen, but the invert button is at the top left hand corner of your with two arrows pointing outward from a center. Click on it and your photo will be inverted!

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