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How to Install the Solar Panel for Ring Spotlight Cam

Last Updated Oct 2, 2022
ring spotlight cam installed outside with solar panel connected to it.

The best companies devise solutions to problems, and battery power is a problem because it runs out; the solution: solar power. Its green energy requires very little upkeep, and the Ring Solar Panel will keep the Ring Spotlight Cam running indefinitely.

To install a solar panel to the Ring Spotlight Cam, you need first to mount the solar panel. Once the solar panel is mounted, you need to use the barrel connectors to connect the camera to the solar panel. 

You will no longer have to worry about charging the Ring Solar Pane batteries. Providing enough sunlight exposure throughout the day, the Solar Panel can continuously top off the battery. Read on to learn how to install the Solar Panel for your Ring Spotlight Cam!

How to Mount Ring Solar Panel with Ring Spotlight Cam

To mount the Ring Solar Panel, you first need to determine where you want the camera and how you want to install the Solar panel. 

The Ring Solar Panel needs to be in an area where sun exposure will last at least ⅔ of the day. If your Ring Spotlight Cam is already set up, you may have to consider repositioning it.

You can get the Ring Solar Panel in one of two ways, either purchase it separately or purchase the entire setup with the Ring Spotlight Cam Solar. However, purchasing the entire kit doesn’t mean it comes hooked up.

Download the Ring App

The first step you should take before mounting your Ring Solar Panel is to download the App (Android or iOS). 

Once downloaded onto your smartphone, open the app and log in with your existing account. If you do not have one, make one.

After logging in, you will be prompted to pair your camera to the app. The app will automatically search for devices within compatible areas. Find the right camera and select it.

Mount The Camera

Next, it is time to mount the camera. The Ring Cam comes with a mounting kit inside its box. 

You can use a traditional mounting bracket with the included screws, or you can opt to use the stickup Cam option.

Create Screw Holes (Pilot Holes)

Drill the two holes—if it’s concrete or brick, insert the plastic anchors—then line up the mounting arm and drill the screws in to secure it to the foundation.

The solar panel slides into a groove on the flat piece of the mounting arm and snaps into place.

Adjust The Panel

You may need to loosen the adjustment screw to move the solar panel around if it isn’t aligned correctly. 

This is important to get the best angle and ensure the camera does not fall or suffer any damage later from improper mounting.

Weatherproof Panel

On the back of the Ring Spotlight Cam is a button you need to press to slide the weatherproof panel out. 

Open the battery compartment, press the button and push to slide the weatherproof panel out of the compartment.

The weatherproof panel snaps neatly onto the back of the Ring Spotlight Cam.

Unplug the Stopper

Next, you need to unplug the weatherproof rubber stopper on the weatherproof panel. This is essential because it prepares the device for a power connection with the camera.

Plug In The Barrel Connector

Now you can plug the barrel connector from the Ring Solar Panel into the back of the Ring Spotlight Cam through the weatherproof panel.

Setting it up is advisable, so it gets a good deal of sunlight throughout the day. Ring states that only a couple of hours of direct sunlight is necessary, but it depends on how much usage the Spotlight Camera gets per day.

Alternative Solar Panel Options for Ring Spotlight Camera

The standard Ring Solar Panel isn’t your only choice if you’re looking for a permanent solution to battery power. There are other third-party options to choose from:

  • Wasserstein Solar Panel: For $10 less, the Wasserstein solar panel is the same size and pulls the same power as the Ring Solar Panel.
  • Ring Super Solar Panel: Double the size and output of the original Ring Solar Panel. It installs and connects in the same way as the standard version.
  • Wasserstein Solar Panel 3-Pack: You can get a three-pack of Wasserstein solar panels for a slightly lower price than the Ring Super Solar Panel. The more, the merrier.

You would have several options if you didn’t purchase the Ring Spotlight Cam Solar. If you did, any one of these would make a good replacement. All of the above solar panels install the same way.

In Conclusion

Installing the Ring Solar Panel is an easy, DIY task. It doesn’t have to attach directly to the Ring Spotlight Cam—so there’s room for creativity. 

If you live in parts of the country where temperatures—hot or cold—work to degrade the battery’s life cycle, then the Ring Solar Panel is an essential solution.

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