How to Install Ring Spotlight Camera on Brick

ring spotlight camera installed outside home at night.ring spotlight camera installed outside home at night.

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One of the most important tasks to perform before buying a Ring Spotlight Cam is mapping out an installation plan. The Spotlight Cam requires a 10’ elevation and, fortunately, is easy to install on any surface—except for brick.

The Ring Spotlight Cam is an excellent device—no argument there—but the hardware that comes with it are your basic, handheld installation tools. The spare kit that you can purchase online isn’t any better, either. With that said, below, we’ll cover all the correct tools and steps you can take to ensure you properly install the Ring Spotlight Cam without fail.

Installing Ring Spotlight Cam on a Brick Surface

If you’re determined to mount the Spotlight on brick, you’ll need to get the right tools for the job separately. When it comes to brick, concrete, and cinder block-type materials, you need a hammer drill, Tapcon screws, or the appropriate anchors for standard screws.

Once you have your equipment ready, use the mounting screw holes on the Ring Spotlight Arm to mark where you will drill. Depending on the screws you are using, the drill bit will need to be 5/32” for 3/16” screws or 3/16” for ¼” screws.

  1. Use the hammer drill to drill your holes in the spots you marked with the arm mount. Make sure to drill the holes a full inch deeper than the length of the screw.
  2. Use a vacuum hose to suck the dust out of the drilled hole.
  3. Follow behind the vacuum with a wire brush to clean the rough edges within the hold and smooth them out.
  4. If you’re using standard screws, go ahead and insert your anchors, gently tapping them in until they are flush. If you have Tapcon screws, proceed to the next step.
  5. Place the mounting arm/bracket against the wall with the mounting hardware flush with the drilled holes.
  6. Insert the Tapcon/Standard screws and use a small drill to screw them in until they are secured and properly seated inside the indentations on the mounting bracket/arm.
  7. Once the mounting bracket/arm is secured, with all of the screws in place, you’re ready to attach the Ring Spotlight Camera.

This installation method works with either the wired or battery Ring Spotlight Camera. Also, it’s important to mount the Spotlight Camera at an elevation of 10’. This provides the camera with optimal viewing capabilities.

It takes a little extra work and some expenditures that you might not have expected; however, the Ring Spotlight Cam hardware kit is likely to wear down and strip before you’re able to penetrate enough of the brick wall to properly mount the camera.

Alternative Mounting Options for Ring Spotlight Cam

If you’re having trouble with the brick, consider mounting the Spotlight Cam to a gutter or similar structure above the brick (if applicable). Otherwise, the kit that comes with it is sufficient to mount the camera just about anywhere you choose.

With brick, the hardware kit that comes with the Spotlight Camera doesn’t have a viable alternative. The Ring Spotlight Camera comes with adhesive for plastic, vinyl, or rubber surfaces, but it won’t work for a brick or masonry surface.

If you don’t want to drill holes into the side of your house, the Wasserstein Weatherproof Gutter Mount or the Ring Gutter Mount are great options, especially if you need to get the Spotlight Cam appropriately elevated. Both gutter mounts are very simple to install. Each one comes with an angle lock and a swivel for 360 degrees left and right tilt and 180 degrees up and down.

The Ring Gutter Mount and the Wasserstein are designed to fit any gutter, whether they have thin or thick diameters. Simply place the angle lock over the lip of the gutter with the Ring Spotlight Camera already mounted to the bracket arm, and secure it in place with the hand-twist bolts provided.


Ring Spotlight Cams have their fair share of pros and cons like any other smart security camera; however, it’s not often that the installation hardware is high on the list of negatives.

The Ring Spotlight arm bracket is designed to install on any surface, brick walls included, but the drill bit and hand screw just aren’t capable of more than standard installation problems. Thankfully, there are a ton of options out there, including mounting brackets that will give you some choices you may not have considered outside of drilling holes through brick.

With the appropriate tools or the optional gutter mounts, you will find everything you need to get your Ring Spotlight Cam mounted on the brick or above it.

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