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How to Install Nest Cam with Floodlight

Last Updated Nov 29, 2021
nest cam

Everyone wants to feel secure. Having security at home is of high importance. Security devices such as the Nest Cam provide that for people. Thankfully, it is possible to install a Nest Cam with a floodlight, but how does one install a Nest Cam with a floodlight?

To know how to install a Nest Cam with a floodlight, there is some other information that is also important to know. Keep reading to find out how to install a Nest Cam with a floodlight along with other important information regarding the Nest Cam.

Prepare for Installation of Your New Nest Cam with Floodlight

There are steps you will need to take to ensure proper installation of your Nest Cam with floodlight.

Gather Needed Supplies to Begin Installation

There are items that will be needed to successfully install a Nest Cam with a floodlight. These items include:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Hex key, included with floodlight
  • Power drill
  • Spirit level
  • Ladder, if needed

Now, let’s look at the next step.

Download the Google Home App on a Smartphone or Tablet

Once the Google Home App is downloaded, you will need to set up your camera within the app. When linking the app to the Nest Cam with floodlight, you will need to enter that into the app when prompted. Your Nest Cam with floodlight and your Smartphone or Tablet must be connected to the same Wi-fi network.

Important Steps for Preparation

Safety first! Before you begin, it is important to remember to turn the switch off on your fuse box that goes to the light. This is to prevent possible electrocution.

If applicable, safely remove the previous floodlight, including the mounting bracket. If you are installing a floodlight for the first time, make sure you are doing so safely!

Installing the Mounting Plate

To start installation, make sure the arrow and G logo are in the upright position, then feed the wires through the mounting plate.

Use the spirit level and line it up with the horizontal lines shown on the left and right of the mounting plate until the mounting plate is level. Once it is level, you may mark the holes where you will place the screws; there are four. Take off the mounting plate.

Are you installing the floodlight on a wooden surface? If so, use the wall screws. Use a 2mm bit and drill starter holes where you have placed the markings for your screws.

Are you installing on brick, stone, or stucco? The difference is you will use the wall anchors included with your floodlight. To use the wall anchors, you will use a 6.5mm masonry bit and drill starter holes. The wall anchors can then be inserted by using a mallet or hammer.

Reinsert the wires through the mounting plate and use the wall screws to secure the mounting plate in place. Note: An earth wire is not needed! This wire is a copper, green, or green and yellow color. You can cover this wire and move it out of the way.

Installing the Floodlight

Now you can connect the wires from the mounting plate to the floodlight. You may use the S-hook that is provided with the floodlight to make this task simpler and easier.

Note: Check all wires for safety! Google suggests checking for corrosion and that the wires are 13 millimeters or shorter.

How to Connect the Wires Safely

Throughout this process, it is important to always keep safety in mind since you are messing with electricity and wires. Here is how to connect the wires safely by using the wire connectors:

  • Connect the blue wires first.
  • Connect the brown wires second.

You can then move the wires through to the center of the mounting plate and your floodlight is now ready to be attached to the mounting plate. To do this, once you have your floodlight positioned over the mounting plate, turn the floodlight counterclockwise to lock in place. 

Once you have done this, you may push the floodlight into the mounting plate and twist it clockwise back into the upright position. The floodlight will click into place when you have secured it into the right position.

Mounting the Nest Camera to the Floodlight

Once you have secured the floodlight in place, your Nest Cam is ready for a simple installation. The Nest Cam can be mounted easily onto the magnetic plate located on the floodlight. Once it has been mounted, you may then connect the power cable on the Nest Camera.

Note: When mounted correctly, the magnetic connector will snap into place.

Installation Complete—Now What?

Now that you have safely and correctly installed your Nest Cam with floodlight, you may turn the power back on through the fuse box. If the Nest Camera and floodlight are working properly, the floodlight will turn on for a short time and the camera will pulse blue.

Note: You may then secure the camera with anti-theft screws as an added security precaution. These screws are included in your kit. The small screw attaches the floodlight to the mounting plate, and the large screw attaches the Nest Cam to the floodlight.

Now you can position the lights and Nest Cam to the area you wish to cover. To secure the lights in your desired position, you can then tighten the knobs located at the bottom of each light.

Now your Nest Cam is ready to be connected to your Wi-fi network!

Does Nest Have a Floodlight Camera?

Nest Cam is a product from Google to add extra security so you can feel safer and at peace in your home. Google has many products for the Nest Cam. When looking into purchasing the Nest Cam, there are a few options to keep in mind.

One option of Google’s Nest Camera is to purchase the Nest Cam with the included floodlight.

Google’s Nest Cam also has two options, wired and battery-operated with just the camera. However, the Nest Cam with Floodlight is only wired. The prices vary depending on which Nest Cam is of interest.

Can Nest Cameras Be in Direct Sunlight?

When deciding where to mount your Nest Cam, it is important to know ahead of time what conditions the Nest Cam can endure and what conditions you need to keep in mind.

The Nest Camera cannot be in direct sunlight. If exposed to direct sunlight, the Nest Camera may overheat.

When mounting the Nest Cam, you may safely do so in a shaded spot, or if one is not available, you can install a shaded spot above the Nest Camera. This will prevent overexposure of the sun to the camera lens and possible overheating.

How Do I Install Ring Floodlights Over My Garage Camera?

The Ring Floodlight is also a wired device that connects to your Wi-fi network to function. It is installed like Google’s Nest Cam.

The Ring Floodlight is also a camera, so you cannot install it over a garage camera and would need to use Ring Floodlight Cam in place of the garage camera. Installation of the Ring Floodlight Cam is simple and includes:

  • Turning off the power at the fuse box
  • Removal of previous floodlight
  • Installation of mounting plate
  • Connecting the wires from the floodlight to the mounting plate
  • Securing the Ring Floodlight Cam in place
  • Turning back on the power at the fuse box

The Ring Floodlight Cam comes included with everything needed for installation except the junction box if you were to need it.

Can You Install a Nest Camera Upside Down?

You may have a situation where you wish to install your Google Nest Camera upside down, on your ceiling, overhang, or at an odd angle in general. Before you attempt to do so, you must take into consideration the capabilities of the Nest Cam, the view of the camera on your Smartphone or Tablet, and whether these can be adjusted if need be.

Due to the downward position of the camera, the Nest Camera should not be installed upside down as it can reduce the field of vision and functionality of the camera.

If you install the camera upside down, or at an odd angle, the view on your Smartphone or Tablet will also be upside down or at an odd angle. If you must install upside down or at an odd angle, you can change or flip the view by going into the settings on the Home or Nest app.

Wrapping it All Up

Google’s Nest Cam can be beneficial adding extra security to your home. It comes in a few options:

  • Google Nest Cam (Wired)
  • Google Nest Cam (Battery-Powered)
  • Google Nest Cam with Floodlight

Installation of the Nest Cam with floodlight is straightforward and can be done in a short time. When installing the Nest Cam, always keep your safety in mind!