The spread of the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing has created the need to shift to remote-based activities. For example, people around the world are beginning to switch to online-based platforms to seek physician care. Telemedicine companies like TytoCare are now growing in popularity due to their ability to offer users remote medical exams and monitoring.

TytoCare is fast-changing the way users receive medical services in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. With TytoCare, users can access remote medical consultations, diagnoses, and therapy via its dedicated handheld mobile health device.

In this article, you will learn more about TytoCare, its benefits, and other alternatives worth considering for at-home doctor checkups.

An Overview of TytoCare

Founded in 2012 by Dedi Gilad and Ofer Tzadik, TytoCare is fast changing the telemedicine world with its revolutionary devices. With a mission to eliminate the stress and long commute to hospitals and health centers for medical exams, TytoCare is steadily providing individuals with the ability to examine themselves or meet with a doctor from the comfort of their homes. 

Today, TytoCare’s TytoHome is now the go-to remote medical examination tool for many health centers and families. Users can now get real-time answers to their medical queries from a certified physician. Also, patients can now avoid long wait times and possible germs that linger in unsanitary areas of the waiting room or from other patients.

Currently, TytoCare offers users with two of its digital medical examination handheld devices—TytoHome and TytoPro. The digital handheld devices come with an exam camera that allows users to position the device correctly. It also features additional attachments that act as a thermometer, a stethoscope, an otoscope, and a tongue depressor.

What Does TytoCare Home Come with?

TytoCare’s handheld digital medical exam devices are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and accepted by most regional healthcare providers. While it is possible to purchase the TytoCare device through your insurance company, users can also buy the device through Best Buy. Users will also gain access to its accompanying Tyto App after purchase.

Use This Smart Device to Have Thriving Health from the Comfort of Your Couch

From access to reputable medical professionals to reducing wait times, TytoCare’s remote medical exam devices offer users multiple benefits:

Access to Remote Health Professionals

The main goal of TytoCare is to enable users to have flexible appointments and access to remote healthcare professionals. With the TytoHome and the Tyto App, you can reach out to physicians for counseling, virtual medical evaluations, and receive health monitoring without ever visiting a hospital or doctor’s office.

Real Medical Examination

With TytoHome and the accompanying app, you can reach out to doctors to schedule remote medical examinations. TytoHome comes with an exam camera that allows users, under the direction of a medical professional, to carry out a thorough assessment of their heart, ears, lungs, throat, skin, abdomen, and temperature for further diagnosis.

Easy & Quick Diagnosis

With its audio and video recording capability, health professionals can record conversations with patients to determine possible diagnoses, treatment plans, and a prescription if the need arises. Also, since the TytoHome comes with a range of medical examination tools, users can carry out a variety of tests from even their couch!

Saves You Waiting Time

Since the TytoHome allows you to have remote medical exams and consultations through your mobile device via the app, it saves you the time that may have been spent in a waiting room or driving to the doctor’s office for similar types of visits.

Other Remote Exam Options

While TytoCare is one of the more smart-tech advanced options for remote health care, there are plenty of other alternatives currently available. If your primary care physician is not part of the TytoCare network, they may be affiliated with one of these companies instead:


Founded in 2014, Vida is an emerging telemedicine company that offers virtual health care support to users with behavioral and health conditions. Vida integrates expert health care with an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm to deliver tailored medical condition monitoring and therapy through its dedicated mobile app.

Currently, users can receive medical coaching and therapy, and gain access to professional medical consultants for health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and obesity.

Teladoc Health

Founded in 2002, Teladoc Health is known as the first telemedicine company established in the US. With over 20,000 daily visits to the platform, Teladoc Health offers individuals and corporate organizations comprehensive virtual health support. Through the Teladoc Health app, users can reach out to health professionals for medical consultations, diagnoses, and treatment plans.

Also, with thousands of available healthcare professionals and health providers, users can organize a live on-demand video and audio medical consultation with specialized and licensed doctors from the comfort of their homes. More importantly, at $49 per user, Teladoc Health is far more affordable when compared to $146 for an official hospital or doctor’s visit.

Final Thoughts

TytoCare is a revolutionary telemedicine company whose mission is to provide remote, advanced medical care, eliminating the need for patients to visit the doctor’s office, and risk being exposed to illness and disease. This is especially important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing and working from home becoming the new normal.

If your doctor is not part of the TytoCare network, there’s no need to worry. Most doctors today partner with one of a variety of telemedicine providers, so you’re sure to find one to receive the care you need from the comfort of your couch!