How to Get Google Nest Mini to Play Radio

White google nest mini speaker on white counterWhite google nest mini speaker on white counter

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With Google Nest Mini, you are already connected to your life and home in so many convenient ways. So, it makes sense to take the step to get yourself connected to the music you love. Google Nest Mini uses the convenience of the Google Home app to connect you to your preferred radio and music services. Connect popular choices such as SiriusXM, Amazon Music, iHeart Music, Pandora, and more.

Using your home Wi-Fi network to connect your favorite music, news, and podcast sources to your Google Nest Mini is a convenient way to enjoy these services throughout your home. Connecting is as easy as following the steps you will find here to get you listening right away. Keep reading to see how to connect your favorite streaming radio service and start listening.

How to Connect Your Google Nest Mini to Radio Services

By using the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device, combined with the Wi-Fi connection in your home or business, you will enjoy the convenience of listening to your favorites at any time. Currently, linking your Google Nest Mini to radio services is only available in the US and Canada.

  1. Ensure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the Wi-Fi connection that your Google Nest Mini is on.
  2. Open your Google Home app on the device.
  3. Verify that the Google account showing is also connected to the Google Nest Mini.
  4. Return to the Home screen and tap Settings.
  5. Choose a radio service by tapping on your choice.
  6. To connect the account, tap OK and then either sign in to your service or choose the sign-up option to start streaming their service to your Google Nest Mini.

Requirements for Casting Radio Services

While there are many radio services you can connect to your Google Nest Mini, below, you will discover the requirements to cast and play the most popular choices out there.

 SiriusXMPandoraiHeartRadioAmazon MusicLocal Radio
Connect to home Wi-FiXXXXX
Casting from Amazon Music App (Android Only)   X 
Play using Google Home appXXX X
Use voice controls on Google Nest MiniXXX X

To see a video explaining the Google Home app and how it interacts with your Google Nest Mini, click here. There are explanations for other apps that also work with Google Nest Mini, including YouTube and Deezer.

Play Radio on Google Nest Mini Using Voice Controls

After you have set up your Google Nest Mini by connecting your favorite radio services, you will be able to use your voice to control your content. After saying the wake word for your device, “Hey Google,” use the following commands to take charge of all your radio choices:

  • To listen to a nearby radio station using its name, you can say, “Play 97.9” or “Play ESPN,” or the name of your favorite station.
  • To listen to a radio station using its call sign, say “Play” along with the 4-letter call sign, such as “Play WKTK.”
  • To listen to premium streaming radio, say “Play” along with the name of the service, such as “Play SiriusXM” or “Play Amazon Music.”
  • To Pause, Resume, or Stop your music, say “Pause,” “Resume,” or “Continue Playing,” and “Stop” or “Stop the Music.”
  • If you are not sure what station or service is playing currently, ask, “What’s Playing?”
  • You can also control the volume of your radio by using commands such as, “Set volume to 5” or “Set volume to 40%.”

Troubleshooting Google Nest Mini with Radio Issues

There are steps you can take to troubleshoot issues with your Google Nest Mini not playing the content you ask for. Try these common suggestions to resume your music playback:

  • If you have requested a station and your Google Nest Mini is not responding, try being more specific with your query. Try using the frequency, call sign, or a station name to see if that begins playing your audio.
  • You can also try adding the name of the streaming service to your request. For example, “Play ESPN Radio on iHeartRadio” may give you a better result than just “Play ESPN Radio.”
  • If the station name you are requesting is inaccurate, adding the name of a nearby city can sometimes help bring up the station you are asking for. Try a more specific request such as “Play 97.9 FM Dallas,” and see if that brings up your requested station.


Listening to your favorite radio choices has never been more enjoyable when you choose Google Nest Mini. With so many choices, connected entertainment is just a click or a voice command away!

Want to use your Google Nest Mini with a music streaming service, such as Spotify? Click here to learn more about how to use Spotify with the device.

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