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How to Get Free Internet on iPad without Internet? Step by Step Guide

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
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Finding a good and steady WiFi connection for your iPad can be tricky, and it can become increasingly frustrating when you’re trying to work or stream movies. So you may be wondering, how do I get free internet on my iPad?

Whether you are traveling or do not have access to WiFi at home, you can find free WiFi in lots of ways. Keep reading to find some ways you can access WiFi on your iPad.

Personal Hotspot

A personal hotspot is a device that allows users to connect to the internet by localizing a WiFi connection. Personal hotspots can be on your phone, tablet, or on a portable device. 

Here is how to connect to a personal hotspot:

  1. Turn on the personal hotspot
  2. Go to settings on your device 
  3. Click Cellular
  4. Click Personal hotspot
  5. Tap the slider to allow others to join 
  6. Go on iPad and enter password to the hotspot
  7. Connected to the hotspot

Now, let’s see how to get free WiFi using public WiFi.

Public WiFi

Most public places have free WiFi that you can access while in their store. If they have WiFi, you can easily access it on your iPad. 

Here’s how to connect to public WiFi:

  1. Go to Settings and Turn on WiFi
  2. Select the WiFi network you would like to use
  3. Enter the password (if there is one)
  4. After following these steps, your iPad should be connected to public WiFi

Some people rather not use public WiFi because there is a possibility of security breach and information leaking.

The Library

Your local library has WiFi accessible for those who are library card holders. This is so they can track your searches and make sure there is nothing to endanger the network. 

If you are not a library member, it is easy to sign up and gain access to their free WiFi provided.


Most coffee shops like Starbucks have access to free public wifi. This WiFi is free to access while sitting at any starbucks location. Starbucks WiFi speed is 51 mbps (megabits per a second).

Starbucks is very popular among business workers and college students due to their free fast WiFi and atmosphere for working. 

They also have a lot of plug-ins for charging your devices while sitting at their restaurant.  


McDonalds has free WiFi for their customers who visit the restaurant. Since McDonalds is located all over the world, you are sure to find a local McDonalds that will provide free WiFi.

The WiFi is free to access, even without purchasing from the restaurant. 

Panera Bread 

Panera Bread has accessible WiFi for their guests who come in. You do not have to make a purchase to use their WiFi. Panera Bread is located all over the United States and has a lot of seating inside all their restaurants. 

They also have many plug-ins for charging your devices while staying there.

Ask a Friend or Family Member

Asking a friend or family member to use their WiFi is another option. If they do not mind, then this may be the easiest option. Connecting to their WiFi would allow you to access the internet on your iPad with no problem. 

Friends and family may enjoy your company as well while you are using their WiFi.

WiFi Map Finder

When you have trouble finding a WiFi connection, you can use this WiFi Map Finder. This will help you find the closest WiFi connection that will be free to use. This tool can be very helpful when you are in an unfamiliar place and do not know the places to access WiFi. 

WiFi Map Finder even has an app you can download on your iPad to always be able to find WiFi no matter where you are. 

Wireless Data 

Setting up a wireless data plan on your iPad is the best option to always have accessible data on your device. A wireless data plan can be added to your iPad through your wireless phone carrier. 

By adding a wireless data plan to your iPad, you can access the Internet anywhere as long as you have cell service. 

Here is how to get wireless data: 

  1. Call your wireless cell phone company and add a line for iPad
  2. On the iPad, go to the Settings 
  3. Tap Cellular Data
  4. Tap Set up Cellular Data
  5. Select the Transfer button next to the cell phone carrier you have 
  6. If still having issues, then contact your wireless carrier

Now you know how to get free internet on your iPad.


Finding WiFi can be hard but hopefully these tips help you when searching for free Internet. Sometimes finding public WiFi is the easiest option for most people. Considering a wireless data plan can be costly but also worth it too. 

Deciding how you will get internet access depends on the person. Others prefer to keep everything private while others will use public WiFi.

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