How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome Quick!

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Crunchyroll is a great service for watching all of your favorite anime. Sometimes, it stops working properly, and you will get a black screen while watching in the Chrome browser.

When a Crunchyroll screen goes black on the Chrome browser, it is often due to a problem with the settings or the browser firmware itself.

Understanding the basic reason why your Crunchyroll screen goes black when browsing in Chrome is one thing; fixing the problem is another. Keep reading to learn how.

Fixing Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome

Seeing a black screen instead of your favorite show is frustrating. When this occurs while using a Chrome browser, it can be due to the following:

  • Extension problems
  • Pop-up redirects
  • Cache
  • Internal website bugs
  • Internet connectivity issues

Each of these issues is inconvenient but fixable. Below we have outlined how to fix each problem quickly so you can continue watching your favorite anime.

Another issue that users have with their Crunchyroll experience: it is always buffering, is slow, or constantly crashes. There are some simple fixes for those.

Extension Inconsistencies

Crunchyroll is not compatible with every extension available for the Chrome web browser. Sometimes this is not apparent until the black screen appears while streaming a show.

It is important to adjust your extension settings within the Chrome browser to fix this issue. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Click Settings and More
  3. Select More Tools
  4. Then select Extensions
  5. Turn each extension off and refresh the page

If Crunchyroll begins working again, it was due to an incompatible extension. Finish watching your shows, but remember to go back and turn your extensions again later.

Otherwise, you may find an issue on a different website that relies on the browser extension to run appropriately.

Pop-up Blocker Redirects

Sometimes Crunchyroll utilizes pop-ups with its beta pages to stream content to users. This is especially apparent for a new series or anime introduced to the site.

Chrome has a built-in pop-up blocker that can cause a black screen when streaming Crunchyroll in its browser. 

With some tweaking, users can adjust the pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from Crunchyroll. Follow these quick steps to make the adjustments:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select Settings and More
    Google Chrome menu
  3. Click Settings
    Settings in Google Chrome
  4. Select Privacy and Security
    Privacy and Security
  5. Pick Site Settings
    Site Settings
  6. Select Pop-ups and Redirects
    Pop ups and redirects
  7. Allow pop-ups for Crunchyroll
    Allow Crunchyroll

Once you have allowed pop-ups for the Crunchyroll website, refresh the page. The video should begin playback again, and the black screen should be non-existent.

Cache is Full

Web browsers collect data constantly when users search the internet or watch shows. This data collects and builds up, and over time it gets full. 

This data is also known as cache. The cache must be regularly emptied and refreshed on an internet browser to perform optimally.

Clearing your Chrome web browser’s cache is made easy if you follow these quick steps:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select Settings and More
  3. Select More Tools
  4. Select Clear Browser Data
  5. Select each box that you want to clear the data for

After you have cleared the data history and the cache, go back and reload the Crunchyroll website. The video should begin working again, and the black screen should be gone.

This also depends on the platform you’re using Chrome on. Each platform has a different way to clear its cache.

Internal Website Bugs

Occasionally, Chrome is not the main reason for a black screen on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is sometimes broken due to a bug or glitch in the system. 

These outages will often result in a black screen and failure for the page to load. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about an internal website bug. You have to wait until Crunchyroll fixes the issue patiently and the site is up and running again.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Another reason you could be seeing a black screen while streaming Crunchyroll in your Chrome browser is internet issues.

Although this could be due to an outage from your internet provider, it can also be due to an issue with your router or modem

Typically you can fix a router or modem issue by power cycling them. If you’ve never power cycled a router or modem, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the router
  2. Unplug the modem
  3. Wait 2 minutes
  4. Plug in the modem first
  5. Plug in the router
  6. Power on the modem
  7. Power on the router

Wait a few minutes while your devices power back on. Once the lights are green and flashing appropriately, go back onto your computer and refresh the Chrome browser. 

If the streaming begins to work again, the issue is solved. If you cannot browse the internet at all, then it is likely that the internet service is down. 

Call in to report an outage to your local internet provider, or wait patiently for it to come back online. 

Get Back to Streaming

Get back to your favorite show by troubleshooting its black screen with our quick tips. Whether it’s an extension issue or an internet issue, it can be fixed with patience.

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