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How To Fix ‘Active in Another Session’ on Spectrum

Last Updated Jun 10, 2022
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Spectrum is a popular option praised for its efficiency and range of services. Features on Spectrum help people have a better overall experience when streaming their favorite shows. However, despite being a popular go-to, users often stumble across a common error, “you are currently active in another session.” When you are faced with the issue, fret not, as there are several fixes you can apply to get it working again.

Generally, this is a deployment error that can be fixed. This means that the system is not functioning as it should. To resolve this issue, restart the NWDI server and wait several moments for the system to reboot itself. Try the restart twice if the issue persists.

It gets frustrating very quickly when you cannot access the services you need, especially when faced with an error you do not understand. Read on to know what to do when faced with this error.

How to Resolve ‘You are Active in Another Session’ on Spectrum

Panic sets in for many users when they realize they don’t understand the error or how to solve it. Some users have the foresight to confirm that they are indeed not active from any other source. 

Therefore, the first step is to check and confirm that you are not active in another session, and you will be a step closer to streaming your favorite shows with no unsightly interruptions. Once that is done, check the other troubleshooting tips discussed below.

Why Spectrum Shows ‘Active in Another Session.’

There are several reasons why your Spectrum might show that you are active in another session. We discuss each of them and its fix below.

Deployment Issues 

This is the most common reason why the error shows up on Spectrum. Basically, if any type of deployment occurs in the portal server, then this error will pop up soon as you start using your Spectrum. 

Restarting the NWDI server and the production portal server should provide a fix and restore normal function. Once you restart the NWDI server, wait a couple of moments and then use your Spectrum. If this doesn’t work, try restarting a second time, and if the issue persists, it is time to consider another solution.

Wrong ID

Using the wrong ID is another common reason Spectrum shows you are active in another session. If you connect from NWDS to the NWDI administrator with your ID, it is highly likely that the issue will show up. This means that you need to log out of NWDS before signing in to the NWDI administrator.

Browser Issue

Sometimes, changing browsers can cause this issue. A faulty browser can also cause this. To rule these issues out, try using a different browser. Clearing your cache and adjusting the browser settings on the current browser can also fix this issue for you.

While most people don’t immediately recognize a faulty browser, there are signs you can keep an eye on to clue you into a bug in your browser. If your browser is slow, sending you strange error notifications, crashing constantly, and showing you unfamiliar ads and formats, it is most likely bugged.

Device Issue

Your device might be the problem, and you can rule this out by using Spectrum on another device. If this works, restart your primary device, phone, or laptop, and maybe consider reinstalling the app if that’s what you use.

For some people, this issue continuously occurs when they use their phones but goes away on a desktop. If this is your case, try to use a desktop to access your Spectrum.

Each of the possible causes of Spectrum issue ‘you are active in another session’ is discussed above. The first step is to pinpoint the problem that applies to you and apply the tips outlined to get it fixed in the shortest time possible.

How Else to Fix Spectrum You are Active in Another Session Issue.

For the most part, every fix discussed above should resolve your issue. However, it is time to get your service provider involved on the rare occasion that none of the troubleshooting methods worked.

You can call Spectrum’s customer service, available 24/7, and explain your issue to them. The team will be able to walk you through other solutions or dispatch professional help to you to get the problem sorted.


The next time you encounter the error message “You are active in another session” when using Spectrum, you will know how to fix it. This is a common problem that shows up for users at least once while using Spectrum. As with any other issue, identifying the cause and then countering it with a solution is the best way to resolve it. We have covered very straightforward reasons and answers that should help you and if everything fails, reach out to Spectrum Customer Service.

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