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How to Find the Xbox 360 MAC Address

Last Updated Oct 28, 2021
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If you own an Xbox 360, you may need to find its MAC address for one reason or another. This may be to allow your network to connect to the device or to register it online to activate a warranty. But, how exactly do you findyour device’s MAC address?

You can find out the MAC address for your Xbox 360 by navigating through your system settings. How your MAC address appears on your device depends on whether you have an ethernet port, Wi-Fi connection, or both. It may be called the “Alternate MAC Address,” “Wired MAC Address,” or “Wireless MAC Address.”

Keep reading to learn the steps for finding your Xbox’s MAC address, as well as what exactly a MAC address is.

How to Find the MAC Address on Your Xbox 360

Finding your Xbox 360’s MAC address can be challenging if you are not entirely sure of where to look. Thankfully, it’s relatively simple to find. Follow the steps listed below to navigate directly to a screen that displays this address for your device.

  1. From the Xbox 360 Main Menu, you’ll first have to navigate to “My Xbox.” Once you’re at this screen, go to “System Settings” and then “Network Settings.”
  2. Once you are at the Network Settings screen, confirm that your device is connected to the Internet. You may have to do this through an ethernet cable or your Wi-Fi router. If the Xbox is not connected, you’ll need to connect to any available network that doesn’t have a MAC address filter in place. Even if this is not your preferred network, connecting temporarily is necessary in order to gain access to this address.
  3. Now that your device is connected to the Internet, go to “Configure Network” from the “Network Settings” screen.
  4. Navigate to “Additional Settings,” then scroll down to “Advanced Settings.” Your MAC address will be listed here.
  5. Depending on the way your Xbox 360 connects to the Internet, you may see the MAC address displayed as “Alternate MAC Address,” “Wired MAC Address,” or “Wireless MAC Address.” Underneath, you’ll see a 12-digit code. This is your Xbox 360’s MAC address.
  6. Write this code down for later use. Make sure you copy it correctly because every device’s MAC address is different. You don’t want to add the wrong one to your network accidentally!
  7. When you’re ready to leave the screen, press “Done” to return to the home screen.

In most cases, your Xbox 360 will display the MAC address as a string of 12 numbers from 0-9 and letters from A-F. For example, your MAC address may be “98AB76CD54EF”. If you need to enter this address into another platform, you may need to type it with either colons or dashes separating every two characters. This may be something like “98:AB:76:CD:54:EF” or “98-AB-76-CD-54-EF”.

What is a MAC Address?

The MAC, or Media Access Control, address on your Xbox is its unique identifying code. Some developers refer to it as the “Hardware ID,” “Physical Address,” “Wireless ID,” or “Wi-Fi Address.” Think of your MAC address like your vehicle’s VIN. It helps your ISP identify your device without revealing any geographic data.

Your MAC address allows your network to deliver data to the correct device. While some Internet service providers track their customers based on the MAC addresses on their devices, these addresses cannot be tracked like an IP address can.

Your device’s MAC address relates to the Network Interface Controller, or NIC, the place where you make a physical connection to your network. If you have both an ethernet port and a Wi-Fi connection on your device, you will likely have a different MAC address for each connection port.

Why Would You Need Your Xbox 360’s MAC Address?

Some networks use a MAC address filter to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to the Internet. You can add a device’s MAC address to block it from accessing the network, or you can add a filter so that only devices you’ve entered in the past can connect.

If your network uses one of these, you will need to add the MAC address to an explicit “Allow” list in order for it to connect. You may also need to have your MAC address ready to register your Xbox 360 online for warranty purposes. If you ever come across a situation where you need your Xbox’s MAC address, it’s helpful to know where it is.

The Bottom Line

You may need to find your Xbox 360’s MAC address for a variety of reasons. If your network uses a MAC address filter, you’ll have to add this address to the “Allow” list in order to use it with an Internet connection. On the other hand, you may want to find the MAC address to block the device from connecting for one reason or another.

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