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How to Find the PlayStation 5 MAC Address

Last Updated Feb 3, 2022
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When you need to know your Playstation 5’s MAC address, it can be a daunting task to know where to look. Within the settings menu, there are countless settings and sub-settings dealing with the network. So how exactly do you find the PS5 MAC address?

A Playstation 5’s MAC address can be found by going into “system” from the settings menu, selecting “system information,” and finally pulling up “console information”. The MAC address should be labeled and included with the other console info. 

If you need to find your Playstation 5’s MAC address but you’re not sure where to look, we’ve got you covered. In the sections below, we will first discuss what a MAC address is and how it can be used. Then, we will take you through how to find your PS5’s Mac address in our step-by-step guide. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 

What is a Playstation MAC Address?

Your Playstation 5’s MAC (media access control) address identifies your hardware within a network. The address is composed of a 12 digit hexadecimal number that is unique to your Playstation’s network card. This form of identification has a number of different applications.

One way it can be used is to route packets of information to the appropriate device. If the MAC address doesn’t match where the packet is supposed to go it is discarded/ 

Additionally, MAC addresses can be used with wireless access points, to only allow access to the approved devices. 

Step by Step: How to Find Playstation 5 MAC Address

Now let’s dive into how exactly you find your Playstation 5 MAC address. Fortunately, the process is quite simple and can be done in minutes if not seconds. 

Below we’ve broken down how to find your Playstation 5 MAC address into four simple steps:

  • Go into your Playstation 5’s settings: Settings can be found by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner of the home screen. It should be to the left of the time. 
  • Scroll down to “system” and select it: When you click on the gear icon you’ll be taken to a list of various types of settings. The sixth option down should say “system”. Select it. 
  • Select “system software”: Within “system” you should be met with a list of different sub-settings. The first on the list is “system software.” Select it. 
  • Select “console information” and find the MAC address: One more menu should pop up. The first option on the list should be “console information.” Select it. The window that pops up from there will list several different facts about your Playstation, such as your IP address. At the bottom of the list, you will find your MAC address. 

It’s really as simple as that. From here you can either write down your MAC address so you have it ready next time you need it. If you feel you may forget how to get to your MAC address, feel free to bookmark this page and follow the steps again. 

Can You Change Your Playstation 5 MAC Address? 

You can’t change your Playstation’s MAC address without switching network cards. This is because the MAC address isn’t unique to the Playstation as a whole, but rather unique to the network card your Playstation uses. 

How to Find Playstation 4 MAC Address

If you have a Playstation 4 as well, you may eventually also need to find its MAC address. As a bonus, we’ve included steps to do just that. While the process is very similar to that of the PS5, it does have some minor differences you’ll want to be aware of.  

Below we’ve broken down the process of finding your Playstation 4’s MAC address into XX easy steps:

  • Select Settings: In the case of the PS4, settings is found by selecting the tool box icon on the home screen.
  • Go into “system”: Once you open the settings menu, you will be met with a list of different options. Scroll down until you come to “system,” then select it. 
  • Select “system information” and find the MAC address: All that’s left is to scroll down on the “system” menu, select “system information and read off the MAC address. When you select “system information” the screen should show you a bunch of information about your Playstation. Toward the bottom of that page is the MAC address.  

We should note here that if you have a PS3 and you need to find it’s MAC address as well, then the process is pretty much the same as it was for the PS4. 

How Do You Find Playstation 5’s Mac Address?

Your PS5’s MAC address is vital to its ability to connect with a network and receive packets of information. Additionally, it can be the determining factor as to whether or not you can connect with a given wireless access point. Therefore it is exceedingly important that you know how to find it.

To find your PS5’s MAC address, first, go into settings and find the “system” option by scrolling down. From there you will be able to go into “system software” and access “console information.” The console information that pops up will include the MAC address. Once you’ve found it, you can either write it down or note how you got it so you can get access in the future. 

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