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How to Find the PlayStation 4 Mac Address?

Last Updated Nov 5, 2021

Many PlayStation 4 users are curious to know about how to find the PlayStation 4 MAC Address. Are you finding the same hassle? If yes, then hold on to yourself and stop roaming around because here we have a quick guide to help you find PlayStation 4 MAC address on your device. 

Generally, MAC Address is present on all console devices, so we will disclose how to find it on other console devices in this post. First, however, we will find out how to see the MAC Address on PlayStation 4. So without any further delay, let us find out how to resolve this issue within a few minutes!

Turn On Your PlayStation 4 Console to Start the Process

You have to turn on the PlayStation 4 console without any disk in the drive. Then wait for a few seconds until the menu pops up.

Navigate to Settings Option from the Menu

Now you have to navigate to the Settings option located at the left side of the window. 

Choose System Option by Scrolling Down the List

Choose the option of System, located under the settings menu. 

Click System Information from Available Choices 

Now click on the System Information.  

Select Agree to Complete the Process Successfully 

Click the option of Agree under License Agreement. This step is required to verify that you agree with all terms and conditions of accessing information about the MAC address. 

See MAC Address 

Finally, your MAC address will appear in the list displayed on the screen. It will contain some numbers and letters in a unique format.

After learning how to find the MAC address on PlayStation 4, let us discuss how you can see it on other console devices. 

Finding MAC Address on Other PlayStation Console Devices

This identifier code acts as a network address within the communications in any network segment.  

You can find it on other devices by following different procedures.  

PlayStation 2

You can find it on PlayStation 2 by the process as seen below: 

  • Start the PS2 and load the Network Adaptor Startup Disc.
  • Now, choose ISP Setup on the main page.
  • Click the option of Agree under the License Agreement.
  • Choose the option of Local Area Network.
  • After that, click the option Automatic Configuration.
  • Select the option Advanced on the connection test screen.

MAC address will appear on the page bottom. 

PlayStation 3

Finding the MAC address on PlayStation 3 is slightly different from the previous version, but you can get it without any trouble by below process:

  • Click on the Settings option from the menu. 
  • From the settings option, visit System and then scroll down to the system information.
  • Note down the MAC address displayed on the screen.

These same steps can help you see MAC addresses on PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U consoles. To learn more about the PlayStation 3 MAC address, check out this article.

PlayStation Vita 

Like the above game console devices, you can see the Mac Address on PlayStation Vita in four steps: 

  • On the main screen, choose System Settings. 
  • After that, tap on the option Internet Settings. 
  • Within Internet Settings, choose other information 
  • Select the MAC address. 

After executing these steps, the MAC address will appear on the screen immediately. 

Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation 4 Mac Address

person playing games on sony tv

MAC address, also known as “Media Access Code,” is a 12-digit alphanumeric code uniquely identifying your entire network device. You can also nickname this code as a hardware address or the physical address. You can use the MAC address to troubleshoot the device straight on your network or activate the dorm ports. 

Read the below section to learn everything related to the PlayStation 4 Mac address. 

How Can You Reset the PS4 MAC Address?

If you want to modify the MAC address, you can do it by changing the network card. It is the only way to reset the MAC address on PS4 and all other devices. 

What is the Actual Format of the MAC Address?

You can see it in the format like 00-15-E9-2B-99-3C. It contains a combination of numbers and letters. 

How Can You Find a MAC Address on a Router?

Networking devices, like switches and routers, have a MAC address located at the back of the device in the form of a label. To view the MAC address, you can straight log into the switch or router. By clicking on the “Properties,” it will also display information about the MAC address of any device. 

What is the Difference Between MAC and IP Addresses?

Both IP address and MAC address might help identify any machine on the internet. An IP address belongs to windows operated products; whereas, a MAC address is the physical address assigned to the devices running macOS. 

We hope that with our detailed post on MAC address, you might have got enough information about finding the MAC address of your game console. Follow the steps carefully and see the MAC address of your current console devices. You might love to buy the PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console from the best seller in the market right now! 


Now you know how to find the PlayStation, everyone in the series’ mac address.