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How To Find the Playstation 3 MAC Address

Last Updated Oct 28, 2021
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The MAC address on a Playstation 3 is how you’ll identify your device, so knowing where it is will be essential to maximizing your Playstation 3 usage.  This 12-digit number makes your device unique from all the others and is responsible for identifying a device within a network.

So how do you find this unique number? Is there just one set of numbers or multiple? Is it numbers, letters, dashes, or what information do I need exactly? Keep reading for the steps to find this MAC address so that you can easily access it when needed.

Start Up Your Playstation 3 Device

Make sure your device is plugged into the wall or a power source for use. Also, make sure you have batteries in the controller for use. Push the power button on the front of the console to turn it on.

A light will illuminate, and your device will start up for use. From here, navigate to the main screen to access the information needed. You can scroll using your remote controller to navigate to the next steps in the process.

Go to System Settings

After starting up the device, scroll on the main screen using the back and forth controls on your remote controller until you locate “Settings.” You can access the system settings from this screen to see all of the data and information about the device. Select “X” when you get to system settings. From here, you will retain the information you need.

Select “System Information”

Select the option that displays “system information.” After selecting “X” on “system information,” your MAC address will appear for use. You can write down this information to store for later use.

Another option is to put this information on a label or sticker on the side of the device for easier access if you forget the steps in the future. Just make sure you use a permanent marker that won’t smudge and make a mess. It’s also best to keep the MAC address on the back of the device if you are going to write it on a label.

The MAC Address is Now Accessible for Use

These are the three steps necessary to find the MAC address on your Playstation 3 device. You can now use this 12-digit number as you need. When reporting your MAC address, you can omit the colons or hyphens separating the letters and numbers.

For example, if you are on the phone with support personnel troubleshooting the device, they may ask for the MAC address. When verbally reporting to them, they usually want you to report the letters and the numbers without the punctuations separating them.

If the MAC address displayed is 2D:52:50:4E:Y5:65, you would verbally say your MAC address is 2D52504EY565. Every type of device that you have has a MAC address.

This address is unique and used for troubleshooting and any programming on your device. A MAC address and an IP address are different. An IP address also identifies a device but is used for a different purpose.

A MAC address is assigned to one device and cannot be transferred. An IP address can be transferred to another device and is not as unique. An IP address is used if you want to transfer data from your device to other networks.

Why Would You Need the MAC Address on a Playstation 3?

So why exactly should you know where and how to locate the MAC address on a Playstation 3? Since this number is unique to your PS device, you’ll need it to enable TCP/IP functions, as well as utilize your security measures to the fullest.

While MAC addresses don’t identify your location, they are still somewhat of a tracking number. Your device can be recognized by the MAC number.

Final Thoughts

Now you can access your MAC address for use when needed. If you have any other issues with your device, make sure to contact the Playstation technical support team for any other issues. It is essential to obtain this information about your device so they can help you over the phone.

This allows you to troubleshoot from home without having to bring your device in for service. The technician on the phone should also be able to verbally tell you how to navigate to the MAC address, IP address, or any other information you may need if troubleshooting or setting up a device.

Remember, if you have multiple devices or Playstations, they are each going to have their own separate, unique MAC address. You now have the tools necessary to access the information needed to find your device’s MAC address.

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