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How to Find the MAC Address on Your Xbox One

Last Updated Jan 25, 2022
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Your MAC address plays an essential role in your Xbox one’s ability to connect to other devices on your network, and ultimately, your ability to play online. But what exactly is it, and how do you find it?

Your Xbox One’s MAC address can be found by navigating to settings > network> advanced settings. Here you can see your console’s MAC address, listed next as the “Wireless MAC”.

The MAC address plays an integral role in your console’s ability to communicate on the local network. Keep reading as we cover a little bit more about what the MAC address does, as well as a more step-by-step guide on how to locate it.

Finding Your MAC Address on the Xbox One

If you’re still having issues finding your MAC address in your console settings, don’t worry. Let’s go over a little more in-depth exactly how to find your MAC address:

  • First, on your Xbox One’s dashboard, navigate to the “My Xbox” page.
  • From here, navigate to the settings page and select network.
  • From the Network Settings tab, select the Advanced option.
  • Here, you should see options for both “Wired” and “Wireless” MAC at the bottom of the list.

The two different addresses are for the respective wired and wireless NICs, which we will get into more below. Generally, if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, you will be using the Wireless MAC.

What is a MAC Address and What is it Used For?

Your device’s MAC (Media Access Control) address, sometimes called a physical address, is a unique identifier your device uses when communicating on a local network. This is used by your NIC (Network Interface Card) to identify your device on the local network.

For the Xbox One and other consoles, this is the way your device is identified on your local network. Your router, and any other devices on your local network, such as smart TVs, phones, or computers, will all use this to identify your console. Some other names for the MAC address include:

  • Hardware ID
  • Physical Address
  • Wireless ID
  • Local Address
  • Wi-Fi Address

MAC addresses are generally assigned to manufacturers in lots. From this lot, they will be assigned to NICs. This means your MAC address is hard-wired into your system.

This also means that your Xbox One’s MAC address was decided long before it was in the store you bought it from. As a result, your device’s MAC address is permanent. It can’t be changed, though it can be modified, but more on that later.

What is a NIC?

A Network Interface Card is what your device uses to communicate on a network. When communicating via a local network, the NIC uses your MAC address. When communicating over a large-scale network, it uses your IP address.

It should be noted that while the MAC address and IP address are used for similar functions, they are not the same.

How is a MAC Different from an IP Address?

Where a MAC identifies your device on the local network, the IP does the same globally. Both are integral parts in your console connecting to the internet, though they operate in slightly different ways.

Your IP address is used to identify your device as it is connected to the internet. It is used to direct information to and from the internet to your local network. The MAC address on the other hand, is only used on the local network.

Should You Change Your MAC Address?

Now we know how to find the MAC address on our Xbox One console. You may have noticed that there were options to set an alternate address. Let’s talk about what this means and if you should do it.

Since all MAC addresses are set to be globally unique, and there are over 281 trillion possibilities, you should never need to change it. The only situation where you may want to alter this value is if you happen to have the same MAC address attached to another device.

This is next to impossible, though and setting an alternate MAC address is actually more likely to cause issues. If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Xbox One, check to ensure you do NOT have an alternate MAC address set.


Now you know more about what your MAC address does, and how to find it. We also covered a little bit about the NIC and IP address and how they interact with the MAC address. We covered:

  • What your MAC address is, and how to find it
  • The difference between MAC and IP
  • What NIC is, and what it does
  • Why you should NOT change your MAC yourself

With this info, it should make diagnosing any problems with your Xbox One easier, or at least help you eliminate a couple of possibilities.

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