How to Find the MAC Address on a Sony Smart TV

person playing games on sony tvperson playing games on sony tv

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You are setting up your new Sony smart TV and want to locate the MAC Address. The MAC address is important in computer networking. You want to be sure your operating system and router support your viewing choices.

Your smart TV provides for a variety of ways to make sure you are getting the most viewing enjoyment possible. With this technology, you have access to all of the TV apps available with a click of a button. You can also set up voice recognition and talk directly into the remote and stream your favorite shows or movies instantly.

Locate the MAC Address

To find your Sony TV’s MAC address you will need to be in front of your TV with the remote in hand. These steps will assure you locate the address quickly and accurately. Your TV needs to be compatible with your router to get the most out of your purchase.

  • Locate and press the home button on your TV’s remote.
  • Scroll through the menu using the arrow keys and select the settings options.
  • Follow through in the settings menu until you come across the preferences option and click enter.
  • Next, scroll through to the network setup and choose this option.
  • Once you have selected the network setup status, the MAC address should be on the screen.

Also, be sure the MAC address says wired and not wireless. You should now have access to your MAC address and can update or change your supporting viewing preferences as needed.

Older Sony TVs

In some cases, you may have a Sony Smart TV that is a few years older and the steps may differ from the steps provided above. Don’t worry, we can help you with the steps needed to find the MAC address on older TVs as well.

On an older TV, you still need to be in front of your Sony Smart TV with your remote control in your hand. Using the arrow keys, scroll to the settings and press enter. Next, choose the network setup option. From this menu, select wired setup and then click on the network set up – status.

At this point, the MAC address should be visible on your screen. You can then use the address to make changes or update your supported viewing options. If these steps don’t work and you are still unable to find your MAC address on your TV, you can look through your manual and if that isn’t an option, contact customer service.

Why Would I Need My Sony’s MAC Address?

You need to register your Sony MAC address to set up external devices for use with the device. You need this address to set up your Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Amazon and more.

Your smart TV has an endless list of functions and activities it can provide to you. The MAC address enables you to be sure all of those activities are compatible with your Sony Smart TV.

Sony Smart TV Benefits

Purchasing a Sony Smart TV is an excellent decision. Sony provides great sound, a slim design, and better overall viewing quality. This type of TV gives you access to a huge number of channels to watch your favorite TV shows and movies without having to subscribe to a cable or satellite service.

You can choose to download specific apps that have your favorites and you may only have to pay a small monthly fee or in some cases, no fee at all. You only need wifi access to enjoy your smart TV.

Other advantages to owning a Sony Smart TV are the ability to browse the web and watch any media outlet of your choosing. A smart tv also takes gaming to a whole new level of enjoyment. You will feel you are part of the game, not just an outsider watching it on a screen.

In Summary

Get to Know Your Sony Smart TV. Whenever you purchase a new TV, be sure to look over the owner’s manual and set up your TV following the instructions provided. Before you can benefit from all of the options your new TV has to offer, understand how it is supposed to work.

As always, if you encounter a problem or issue when setting up or using your device that can’t be fixed with basic troubleshooting steps, contact the manufacturer.

In some cases, you may need to contact your internet service provider because the issue may have nothing to do with your new Sony TV. 

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