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How to Find the Fire TV MAC Address

Last Updated Jan 25, 2022
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Amazon Fire TV is a streaming TV service that is extremely easy to use.  When setting up the TV there may be certain situations where you will need to know the MAC address to connect a device to an at home network.  

Depending on whether you have a smart Fire TV, or a Fire TV stick the steps will be the same; you will just need to make sure that everything is plugged in so you can access the information from the devices main menu.  Below is the step-by-step guide to follow once everything is plugged in to find the MAC address.

Steps to Finding a Fire TV MAC Address

First, you will need to go to the home screen on your Fire TV or on the Fire TV Stick.  You can do this by pressing the home button on your remote.  Doing this will allow you to access your account and device settings. 

Second, you will need to scroll over to the right until you land on the icon for “Settings”.  You will click on this icon, and a menu will appear with boxes for “Notifications,” “Account & Profile Settings,” and other setting options. Next, you will want to go to the box for “My Fire TV,” which should be on the bottom left of the screen. Click on that box to open the available options under this folder. 

Lastly, to find the MAC Address you will want to scroll through to the “About” title and click on it to open a new screen.  On this screen, you will scroll down and click on the title “Network,” and then listed on the right will be another screen that will show your MAC Address (WIFI).   The address will be format as xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.

To summarize these steps, you will need to:

  • Go to your Fire TV home screen
  • Click on “Settings” Icon
  • Click on “My Fire TV”
  • Click on “About”
  • And finally click on “Network”

Depending on your Fire TV Model these steps should be about the same, but the locations of the folders may be different on the screens.   Make sure to scroll through all the available options to find the correct titles.   

Once you have this MAC Address you can save it wherever you need to by writing it down or typing it in a personal device for whenever you may need to have it.

Why Would I need to Use a MAC Address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control address.  MAC addresses are assigned by device manufactures and are unique numbers used to identify devices and then connect them to other devices, such as WI-FI and Bluetooth.   The MAC address is used by networks to send and receive data to the correct place.  For example, if you are looking to connect a Fire TV to the correct WI-FI connection, you may need to verify the correct MAC address. 

Is a MAC Address the Same as an IP Address?

A MAC address is different than an IP address because a MAC address is given to hardware as a physical address, and an IP address is a changing address depending on what network you are connected to.  MAC addresses and IP addresses are both needed and used in modern networks. 

To further break this down, you can think of it as a MAC address is assigned to your computer, and wherever you go that address will remain the same because it is assigned to that specific device. 

However, an IP address can change depending on your location.  If you are at home, you will have a specific IP address. If you go to another state or country, the IP address you use will be different because you will be in a different location.   IP addresses can also be changed very easily using a VPN, to where you can choose what location you want to use as an IP address. 


Fire TV is an incredibly popular and simple streaming system that is very easy to set up.  During the use of your Fire TV, there may be situations where you will need to find the MAC Address for your Fire TV.  This is incredibly simple and can be done in a few easy steps starting by going into “Settings” and going through the prompts until you find the “Network”.  Once you click on Network, your MAC Address will appear and is in the format of xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.

MAC addresses stand for Media Access Control addresses and are assigned by manufacturers to specific devices like TVs, routers, or computers.  There may be instances where you need to know the MAC address of a device to connect the device to a specific network.  MAC addresses are also different then IP addresses, but both are needed for connection in modern networks.

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