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How To Find the Apple TV MAC Address

Last Updated Jan 25, 2022
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In most situations, knowing your Apple TV’s MAC address isn’t necessary to set up the device and use it. Generally, most consumers can simply configure their devices to interact with their internet service at will. Yet, there are some instances where knowing your MAC address can significantly assist you. 

For older models, check the bottom of their Apple TV and see a sticker with the MAC address. However, that is not the case with newer models: you have to go into the settings application on the Apple TV.

Luckily, the steps to find the MAC address can be broken down easily. Powering on the Apple TV and configuring it will help you find the MAC address. Read further to learn more.

Power On the Apple TV

Since the MAC address is not labeled on the bottom of the device, you need to power on your TV. First, inspect your remote to check for broken buttons or any malfunctions. Using your remote, ensure that the Apple TV is plugged in and powers on.

At this point, the device should cycle through startup with no issues and immediately bring you to the first menu, where you can configure your TV.

Ensure Access to a Stable Internet Connection

The initial setup and obtaining a stable internet connection go hand in hand. You will likely need to connect to an access point to complete the configuration. Whether you are connecting to your school’s Wi-Fi as a student or your own, ensure that the connection is stable.

Otherwise, you could end up having issues with the initial setup, which would keep you from accessing the information you need. If need be, you can utilize your mobile device as a hotspot to complete your Apple TV’s configuration. 

Make Sure Your Device is Set Up

While this may seem like an obvious step, this next step must be done first.

Fast-forward to the present, current-generation Apple TVs and next-generation TVs do not and likely will not have this information located on the underside of the device. So, follow the device’s prompts to configure your TV. Once this process is complete, you can move on to the next steps.

Navigating To “About” Menu for MAC Address

Once you have determined that the device is functioning correctly, use your remote to find the About menu. It is here that you will find the MAC address. With your remote, you need to:

  • Select the Settings menu option on the screen
  • Next, select General from the list of options
  • Last, find the About menu and navigate to it

This is the location to find out just about anything you want to know about your Apple TV. For instance, information as the name of your device, your Apple TV’s total storage capacity, available storage capacity, model number, and serial number is readily available to you. 

Depending on which kind of network you’re connected to, the MAC address will appear as an “Ethernet ID” or “Wi-Fi ID.”

The MAC address may also appear as: 

  • Wi-Fi Address
  • Ethernet Address

So, you should see the MAC address where it lists what source provides your Apple TV with an internet connection. 

The MAC address will be shown as six groups of hexadecimal digits separated by a colon. Thus, it should be easy not to mistake the MAC address for something else. 

There is another way to source your Apple TV’s MAC address as well. If you were wise enough to keep your TV’s box, you could find the MAC address on the UPC label for the item. 

What Can You Do Once You Have the MAC Address?

You have located your Apple TV’s MAC address, now what can you do with it? With this information, you have specific control over your device. Putting speculation aside, the extra control has more to do with how your Apple TV accesses the internet. 

Let’s say that you are trying to access your dormitory’s internet, but you can’t. Usually, you would give your Apple TV’s MAC address to your RA or the technology administrator that runs the network. This would give your device access but not unauthorized devices. This brings us to the next point. 

Whether you are using public internet access or private, the router’s advanced settings will allow you to create a Whitelist. This list can regulate which Apple TVs have access to the internet and those that do not. You could also determine a period where access is restricted or allowed. The MAC address is necessary for this application. 


An Apple TV’s MAC address can be challenging to locate if you do not know what information you need. So again, familiarizing yourself with your Apple TV will go a long way in assisting you. 

Once you configure your device, it is easy to follow the necessary and simple steps to determine the MAC address. If you have issues connecting to the internet but keep the box, you can still locate your Apple TV’s MAC address.

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