How To Factory Reset An Amazon Smart Thermostat?


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Technology is a wonderful addition to any home. It makes each home smarter, more convenient, and efficient. Technology has evolved tremendously over time to accommodate us, and many people have difficulty living without it. One popular item is a smart thermostat. When it stops working, you may wonder, how do I factory reset an Amazon smart thermostat?

Factory resetting a thermostat is not as easy as turning it off and then back on again. It takes a little more time and consideration to complete. Read on to learn how to reset your Amazon Smart Thermostat properly factory.

Troubleshoot With a Reset

When a thermostat stops working, it can make an entire household miserable. This is because it directly affects the heat and AC settings inside the home. The home can quickly become too hot or too cold relatively quickly. One of the best ways to fix this dilemma is to factory reset an Amazon Smart Thermostat that has stopped functioning properly.

To factory reset your Amazon Smart Thermostat, you must hold the temperature up button, temperature down button, and the mode button down simultaneously. Hold these buttons down until rES appears on the thermostat. Then press and hold the mode button for five seconds. 

The thermostat will factory reset after this process. You’ll also need to do this if you’re changing the ownership of the Amazon Smart Thermostat.

This method is great when your thermostat freezes or seems to become unresponsive. This can happen for many different reasons. Read on to find out why your thermostat is unresponsive and other troubleshooting tips you can use to get your Amazon Smart Thermostat back in working order.

Unresponsive Amazon Smart Thermostat

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a peek at the temperature in your home and realizing that the thermostat is not functioning properly. This can cause your heat or AC to turn off or get stuck at undesirable levels. Although this is unfortunate, it does happen. The best thing you can do is troubleshoot the problem. Here are some of the best tips to do so.

Disconnection From Internet

One possible problem with your Amazon Smart Thermostat is that it could have been disconnected from WiFi. The Amazon Smart Thermostat automatically defaults back to a basic thermostat when this occurs. It cannot use App control or other smart functionality like Alexa voice prompts. To fix this, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Alexa App
  2. Tap devices
  3. Pick “thermostat” and then find and select your thermostat from the list that pops up.
  4. Go to settings
  5. Select thermostat configuration
  6. Choose WiFi and follow the on-screen prompts until their completion.

Sometimes a lack of WiFi can be the root cause of an unresponsive thermostat. When the WiFi is reset or reconnected, it can shock the thermostat back into action and help it properly read and respond to its commands. 

Dead Batteries

The Amazon Smart Thermostat has a battery backup system. It uses 2 AA batteries to power a thermostat if the power goes out or there are other causes of power failure. These batteries will allow the thermostat to function and comply with basic operating requirements. This means you can still adjust the temperature, but you may lose functionality with the app or voice assistant.

The only way to cure this problem is to regularly replace the Amazon Smart Thermostat batteries and ensure that your Amazon Smart Thermostat is properly connected to an active power source. This will ensure that the batteries are not dead in the event of a power failure, and your thermostat will still be moderately functional.

Wires Crossed

If an Amazon Smart Thermostat has crossed or loose wires after installation, it may become unresponsive. This happens if someone installs the equipment without properly reading the manual and following the directions. Most homeowners can manage to swap out a thermostat, but it is always good to hire a professional electrician if you are having a hard time.

An electrician can turn off the power and check the wires to ensure they are in good working order. If a wire breaks and needs to be replaced, they can do so for you. Occasionally, older homes do not have the proper wiring. An electrician can change the wires and prepare your thermostat power for your newer version.

Sensor Malfunction

Another common reason why an Amazon Smart thermostat may not be functioning properly is that it has a broken sensor. This happens when a thermostat overheats, gets damp, or is stuck in drastically cold climates. This can ruin the sensor and chip installed in the thermostat rendering it unresponsive. In most cases, this means it is time to replace your thermostat.

Amazon Can Help

Troubleshooting your Amazon Smart Thermostat has never been easier. If you have tried all our tips and tricks, you may wish to speak directly to an Amazon Customer Service Representative. These representatives can get you in contact with a tech who can talk you through troubleshooting your issue with the thermostat.

Amazon thermostats have a one-year limited warranty. If they determine that the thermostat faces a problem covered by the warranty, they will replace it for free. This is a great way to ensure you do not suffer financially while retaining the benefits that an Amazon Smart Thermostat offers. Amazon can also offer tech services to modify or fix their broken products.

Smarter Home Better Life

Using smart home devices is a great way to get ahead in life. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also convenient time savers. With a simple “Hey Alexa,” you can find out the temperature both inside and outside your home. The age of smart technology makes us all smarter humans.

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