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How to Empty Wyze Robot Vacuum Dustbin

Last Updated Dec 30, 2021
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You wanted a step towards home automation and just bought a Wyze Robot Vacuum. Now you are in a pickle: the robot’s dustbin is packed, and you do not know how to unload it. Is it difficult to clean the dustbin, and is there a chance you might damage the device while doing so?

In general, one can clean the dustbin of a Wyze Robot Vacuum by these steps:

  • Take the dustbin out of its slot. Open its front cover.
  • Hold the dustbin over a trash can.
  • Empty the contents of the dustbin.
  • Use the brush to scrub off dust.
  • Close the lid and insert the dustbin back into the vacuum.

There is a lot you can do to keep your device in good working condition. Read on to learn more about what kind of maintenance you should do on your robot vacuum.  

How Do You Remove The Brush From A WYZE Vacuum?

To remove and clean the brush in a Wyze Robot Vacuum:

  • Lift the top cover.
  • Remove the small cleaning brush.
  • Release the brush cover by pressing the two blue tabs inwards.
  • Take it out from its slot and clean it.
  • Re-insert each brush.

Before removing the brush from your device, disconnect it from the charging station. The cleaning brush has a hook on one end for you to remove tangled hair conveniently.

The top cover of the vacuum may be harder to open than you expect for the first few times. Make sure to open the lid from the side of the power button.

If some of these steps did not help you in your experience, consult the user manual provided when you purchased your Wyze Robot Vacuum. If you would like to learn more about Wyze, take a look at this article.

How To Clean The HEPA Filter Of A WYZE Robot Vacuum?

To clean the filter of a Wyze Robot Vacuum:

  • Take out the dustbin and the cleaning brush.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Remove dust from it and gently rinse with water.
  • Re-attach the filter.
  • Put the dustbin and the cleaning brush back in the robot vacuum.
  • Close the top cover.

You can remove the HEPA filter from the back of the dustbin by pulling it off from either side. Do not forget to let the filter dry before putting it back in the vacuum. When rinsing the filter, do not use soap or detergent with water because it can cause damage.

If your home vacuum cleaning robot has a HEPA filter, you are in safe hands. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing. Air filters of this standard are for environments where strict contamination control is required. Such filters can rid your home environment of irritants and even viruses and bacteria. So do not forget to clean the HEPA filter now and then, and keep your family safe.

How Often Do Robot Vacuums Need To Empty?

As a general rule, users should empty vacuum dustbins every three or four cycles, or 2-4 days, depending on how much trash they pick up and what the manufacturer recommends. There are also self-emptying robot vacuums that automatically dump their contents when full.

You should clean the filter of your robot vacuum cleaner as many times as you empty its dustbin. In this way, the device retains its maximum suction power for a long time. It is also good to change the filter twice or thrice a year so that you always get peak protection from atmospheric contaminants in your house.

Does The WYZE Vacuum Work On Carpets?

Wyze Robot Vacuums can work on up to a 1-inch thick carpet. Users must avoid using the device on shag pile rugs, tassels, or other carpets with long woven strings to prevent them from clogging up the brush of the device.

Your Wyze robot can even account for ‘bumps’ up to 20 mm high on a surface. It works optimally on hard flooring. Just make sure to set up virtual walls for the robot if you have thick rugs at home.


Having a Wyze Robot Vacuum cleaner at home is a great thing. It has a powerful processor and multiple sensors. The Robot Vacuum has good suction power, and the Wyze companion app provides loads of powerful features to help you make the most out of your cleaner robot.

Like any modern cleaner robot, the Wyze Vacuum cleaner will require regular attention from your side to keep functioning as best as it can. Clean the dustbin and filter at least every other day if you can. Keep the overall body of the device free from dust so that the sensors do not encounter interference. Do not let stuff get in its way unnecessarily when it is cleaning.

Just keep all these things in mind; say goodbye to the misery of having to clean the house yourself and say hello to the WYZE Robot Vacuum with 2100Pa Suction.

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