How to Easily Install Stan on Your TCL TV

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Stan might not be the most commonly known streaming service, but you’ll definitely recognize the names of some of its original and exclusive TV shows and movies, such as The Great, Wolf Like Me, Looking for Alaska, and many more. Stan also offers live and add-free sports experiences through Stan Sport, ensuring there’s something for anyone to watch. The only question is how to get this underrated streaming service on your TCL TV.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the easiest guide for installing Stan on your TCL TV. As you read, you’ll learn which settings to alter, what additional devices you might need, and how you can tell if your TCL TV already comes equipped with Stan.

Check For the Stan App

Before we can delve too deeply into this guide for downloading Stan onto your TCL TV, we need to determine if the Stan application is already on your TCL TV and ready for download or if you’re going to need a separate streaming device.

Most TCL TVs are compatible with Stan, and models made between 2016-2019 come with this streaming service either available for download in the TV’s applications menu, or it has already been installed and is ready to use right away.

Therefore, if you know your TCL TV model lies within this range, your installation process will be much easier than those with older or newer models.

To confirm that your TCL TV includes Stan, simply go to the “Apps” menu (if you have a TCL Android Model, you’ll need to open Google Play first and then find Stan in the “Top Free Apps” or “Entertainment Apps” menu). There, you should see Stan listed amongst several other streaming services.

If you’ve gone through the list of options in your TCL TV’s “Apps” menu and can’t find Stan, don’t worry. This doesn’t always mean Stan wasn’t included with your TCL TV sometimes. This simply means that it needs to be downloaded from the “Apps Market” or your TCL TV’s firmware needs to update.

Can I Still Get Stan if My TCL TV Didn’t Come With It Included?

While many TCL TVs come with Stan and Stan Sports included, there are several newer and older models that do not. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to drop your hopes and dreams of ever watching Stan on your TCL TV.

To watch Stan on a compatible TCL TV that did not come with this streaming service, you will need to purchase a separate streaming device that offers Stan. The most popular streaming devices are a Roku Stick or an Amazon Fire Stick, but there are other options, such as Apple TV and Android TV, if you prefer these alternatives.

Each device is available for around $40 and allows you to access hundreds of popular streaming services on nearly any TV by simply plugging in the streaming device to your TV’s USB port. From there, you would use the streaming device’s remote to go to the “Home” page follow the setup process.

The only exception to this would be if your TCL TV already comes with one of these streaming services. For example, many TCL TVs are partnered with Roku, therefore labeled as Roku TVs. You should see this logo either on the TV itself or on its home page. If you find you have a Roku TV, you can use Roku to access and download Stan without purchasing a streaming device.

Download/Install Stan In the Apps Menu

Now that you’ve confirmed whether your TCL TV even comes with Stan, you can finish to installation process fairly quickly.

To download Stan, press the “Home” button on your TCL remote and then either launch “Google Play” and open the “Entertainment Apps” menu if you have an Android TCL model, or select the “Apps” menu if you have a Linux Model.

This is the same process as we stated previously to confirm whether your TCL TV came with Stan and, to reiterate, if you if you don’t see Stan in these application menus, you’ll want to open your application store, search Stan, and then click “Download.”

After you find Stan in your application’s menu, you’ll click the “install” button and wait for the installation process to complete.

If you’re using a streaming device, such as a Fire Stick or Roku Stick, to watch Stan, you’ll want to press the “Home” button on the streaming device’s remote and then search “Stan” (you might have to go to a “Streaming Channels” menu first depending on which device you have). Once you’ve found Stan, you can download and install the application.

Open and Set Up Stan

By this point, you should have Stan fully installed on your TCL TV or streaming device. The only thing left to do is open it and set up your Stan Account.

To open Stan, you can either click on the installed application or, if you have a Smart TCL TV with a built-in Google Assistant, just say, “Okay, Google, launch Stan.”

Once Stan is open, you’ll follow the provided steps for either logging in if you already have an account or signing up if you’re a new member. You’ll need to enter a code sent by Stan to register your TCL TV as a new Stan device, but after you’ve done this, you’ll be able to open Stan and immediately access its nearly unlimited hours of content.

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