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How to Easily Install Stan on Your Insignia TV

Last Updated Jun 22, 2022
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Stan is one of the best streaming tools available to the Australian public. It allows easy access to amazing TV shows, movies, and plenty of original content. The best way to enjoy Stan is by viewing the content on a smart 4K TV like the Insignia range.

If you have an Insignia TV in Australia and are looking to maximize the streaming content you have access to, here’s how to easily install Stan on your device.

How to Easily Install Stan on Your Insignia TV

There are many options for affordable Insignia TVs, with the newer generations including 4K and Ultra HD support. This provides a crisp and crystal clear top-quality image that will make streaming content even more enjoyable.

With Stan offering such a wealth of options to watch, it is no wonder that Insignia TV consumers want to install it on their TV. To do so easily, a few steps need to be followed. The process takes very little time and is facilitated especially by the models of Insignia Fire TVs using Amazon software options.

Before you attempt to easily install Stan on your Insignia TV, you should make sure that you have established a working Wi-Fi connection on the TV. Then you’ll need to:

  • Open Spotlight.
  • Find and select Stan.
  • Download the Stan app.
  • Open and login into the app.
  • Pin Stan app for easy access.

In the sections below, we’ll outline each of these steps in a little more detail, so you can be on your way to using Stan in no time!

Use the Spotlight to Find Stan on Your Insignia TV

When you’re ready to install the Stan app, power your Insignia TV. On your home screen, you will see the Spotlight category if you scroll down. Select that category, then click through it until you find Stan.

Download Stan App to Your Insignia TV

Once you’ve found the Stan app, go ahead and click on Get or Download. This process will complete in a few minutes, depending on the speed and general load of your Internet connection.

When the Stan app finishes downloading, you will see the option to Open the app. Do so whenever you are ready, as this will allow you to continue setting up the Stan app on your Insignia TV.

Login or Create Stan Account on Insignia TV

The first time you install Stan on your Insignia TV, you will be prompted to log into the service so that you can access your content. The app streamlines this part of the process for you. First, you will need to select the login – start watching! Option.

Then, you will have two options for how to log in:

  • Select Log in Now to manually introduce your email and password credentials for your Stan account. You can add this information via the Insignia TV remote.
  • The Stan login page on the Insignia TV will display a numeric code. You can use this numeric code by going onto a browser on your phone or a computer and visiting the Stan Activation page.

If you select the code option, you will be automatically logged into the app on the Insignia TV with your Stan credentials the moment you enter the numbers onto the activation website. This is the easiest and quickest solution, especially if you don’t have your credentials to hand.

Whichever option you choose, once you are logged in, you will be able to immediately see your favorite titles, and you can start watching them as soon as you please.

Pin the Stan App to Insignia TV Home Screen for Easy Access

To make access to Stan even easier, you have the option to pin the app to the Insignia TV home screen. To do so, you must access the Your Apps & Games category on the Insignia menu.

This will open a catalog with all the apps currently installed on your Insignia TV. Scroll to the Stan app, then press the cheeseburger or three lines button on your remote control. This will allow you to select the Move to Front option, which will put Stan within easy reach on the home screen.

Troubleshooting While Installing Stan to Insignia TV

If you are having trouble either finding or installing Stan on your Insignia TV, there are a few things you can check before you contact support.

Check the Region

Stan is only available to Australian users. You may find that the region setting on your Insignia TV does not reflect that region accurately. This is a known issue with Amazon accounts not being updated.

To check or change the region of your apps, you will first have to go to the Amazon website and on to Manage Your Content and Devices. Then, select Preferences, followed by Country/Region. There, you will be able to select Change, which will allow you to update your Australian mailing and billing address.

Once that is set to an Australian address, click Update. Then return to your Insignia TV, go to Settings, then Your Account. Select the Deregister option, then Register it once more from scratch.

Now you will be able to enjoy your Australian apps on an Insignia TV.

Check Updates

Having the most recent firmware will eliminate most issues you may encounter with installing apps like Stan on the Insignia TV. These updates can install automatically, but you can always check if there are any new ones available.

To do so, go to Settings, then About. There, you will be able to select Check for Updates. If there is a new one available, you will be able to install it.


Installing Stan on your Insignia TV is an easy process, especially if you have one with integrated Fire support. You will simply need to find the app, install it, then log into your account to be able to see your favorite content.

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