How To Easily Install Nest Hello Without Chime or Existing Doorbell

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Whenever we get anything new, what is one of the main things people do? Make it their own. While some enjoy the classic doorbell sounds such as the ding dong etc. (we are sure you know the ones), just as many people probably have a preference of their own. The question is, can you have a Nest Hello without the chime?

The fact of the matter is that you can get rid of the chime on the Nest Hello. Here, we will show you how in a few simple steps. The way that you can opt to remove the chime depends on whether it is run by battery or if it is wired. The methods used will be slightly different, so we will get into both.

Mount Your Device

According to google support, if you have the wireless Nest Hello (run by battery) then you can opt to get notifications on your mobile device or speaker. 

First, you need to make sure your Nest Hello is mounted to your outer door panel, or wherever you prefer to have it. Once it is set up, walk through the installations/connection steps. The following detailed walkthrough will be for both wired and wireless installations, along with more information can be found on Google’s support pages. 

Wireless Nest Hello Installation

For the wireless Nest Hello installation, first, make sure to charge the Nest Hello. Once charged, add the device to your Google Home app by scanning the QR code on the back of your Nest doorbell and follow the prompts given. Be sure to also have your Wi-Fi on and ready for the Nest to connect to. 

Next, install the wall mount that the doorbell will be attached to. When the mounting plate is installed, align the bottom protruding circle with the round hole at the bottom of the plate. After getting Nest set up, give it a test run with your app and make sure everything is in working order.

Pros of the Wireless Nest Hello

A plus to using the wireless option for those who choose now to have your doorbell chime on Nest Hello is that the device cannot be connected to your current doorbell chime. Google suggests connecting your Google speaker if you have one or set up visitor announcements to get notified in your home. 

The wireless option is best if you are looking to get the job done quickly and you have not had a doorbell installed in your home.

Wired Nest Hello Installation

For the wired Nest Doorbell option, the installation is slightly different. When setting up to install your Nest Hello, be sure to shut off the power to your old doorbell and keep it off until the installation of your Nest Hello is finished. 

If you previously have not had a doorbell, you will need to purchase a transformer that will get power to the wired Nest Hello. The transformer will need to meet Google’s specifications by having a maximum power of 40 VA, 8-24 VACs, and frequencies of at least 50-60 Hz. These specifications should be listed with your Nest Hello kit as well as Google’s support page. Properly align the mounting plate so that wires protrude from the center of the mounting plate. 

Once the doorbell bracket is set up in the desired position, connect the wires from where your previous doorbell was connected to the Nest Hello’s wire insert tabs. For the new wired doorbell installation, follow that same process with your new wires. 

Some of the next steps involve you connecting your wires to the chime connector. But what if you do not want the chime? Why does Nest Hello come with a chime connector?

What Does Nest Hello Chime Connector Do?

Simply put, the Chime Connector is what connects your doorbell to the chime that you hear when the doorbell rings. You will see a Chime Connector with your Nest Hello kit.

How Do I Get Rid of Nest Chime?

If you decide that you do not want a chime from your doorbell, there is no need to install the chime connector when setting up. If you have already had a chime connector and have a chime set up, it can still be removed. Turn off the power to the doorbell and uninstall the chime connector. Be sure that all wires are inserted into your doorbell as they were before turning back on the power.


The Nest Hello doorbell system comes with several customizations for your preferences. In this case, the focus was to help set up your Nest Hello in the instance that you do not have an existing chime or doorbell. Even without previously having a doorbell chime or doorbell, setting up the Nest Hello is still easy and convenient. 

If you choose not to add a chime using the chime connector, there are still several other options to get notified when someone is at your door. Thank you to Google support for the information on Nest Doorbell installation, and we hope you enjoy the benefits of Nest Hello.

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