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How To Easily Install Kayo On Your Insignia TV

Last Updated May 14, 2022

Insignia TVs are great budget options for those who cannot afford to invest in a luxury brand TV or those who just don’t want to overspend on a TV. The Insignia TV is a smart TV that is loaded with streaming functions. Many users download apps and use them on their Insignias. Because of this, users wonder how can they easily install Kayo on the Insignia TV?

Insignia TVs require a third-party device to utilize Kayo. If you want to enjoy this sports app, but do not know how to do it, continue reading to find out which devices Kayo is compatible with and how to use them with the Insignia TV.

A Round About Download

Kayo is not readily available to be downloaded through the Insignia TV’s app store. Kayo hasn’t come out on every smart device yet, but it is working on expanding its reach and range. Currently, you can download Kayo on other TVs, such as Toshiba TVs. If you are a Kayo lover, it is likely that you are wondering about an alternate way to install Kayo on your Insignia TV.

Insignia TVs do not have the Kayo app in its app store. This is because the Kayo app is not yet compatible with this TV. This does not mean that users cannot watch Kayo on Insignia TV. There are many alternative ways to watch Kayo through an Insignia TV through third-party devices.

Before grabbing any third-party device, it is important to know which ones can use Kayo and which ones are compatible with an Insignia TV. Read on to learn more about compatible devices and how to utilize them.

Third-Party Devices and Insignia

The Insignia TV may not be able to download the Kayo app on its own platform, but it can be paired with a third-party device that can download the Kayo app. The most popular options are the Apple TV, the Android TV, and Chromecast. Each of these devices can be hooked up to an Insignia TV and used to stream Kayo. Keep reading to learn how it works.

Apple TV and Insignia TVs

First, a user must install the Apple TV according to its directions to the Insignia TV. When this process is done, the user can then move on to get Kayo loaded onto the Apple TV. To set Kayo up on the Apple TV, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Apple TV
  2. Go to the App Store
  3. Search for the Kayo App
  4. Select the app and click download
  5. When the app is done installing, open it up and start streaming

This will allow the Kayo app to be streamed from the Apple TV and broadcast onto the Insignia screen. This is one of the best methods to enjoy Kayo on the Insignia TV in a creative way.

Android TV and Insignia TVs

Another great third-party device is the Android TV. It has similar capabilities to the Apple TV and is also compatible with the Kayo app. Purchase the Android TV, and set it up, so it is working with the Insignia TV. Once it is up and ready to go, follow these steps to get Kayo and stream it:

  1. Turn on the Android TV
  2. Navigate to the home screen
  3. Select the Google Play Store
  4. Use the search bar and type in Kayo Sports
  5. Select the app and download it onto the device
  6. Confirm the download
  7. Go to the app once it is done downloading, open it, and enjoy

Again, the Android TV will be streaming the Kayo app content and using the Insignia TV screen to provide imaging to the user. Although it is not being streamed directly through the Insignia platform, it can still be enjoyed through this third-party device.

Chromecast and Insignia TVs

The Chromecast is another popular streaming device loved by tech enthusiasts everywhere. It can be used to stream Kayo as it is one of the listed compatible devices they currently work with.  This means if you are an owner of a Chromecast device, you can enjoy the benefits Kayo has to offer by following these steps:

  1. Go to the apps menu and select it
  2. Click search for apps
  3. Type in Kayo
  4. Pick the Kayo Sports app and click install
  5. Log in with your Kayo Sports username and password
  6. Start enjoying your stream

Chromecast makes streaming easy and is compatible with almost any smart TV currently on the market. This makes it a great alternative to get around compatibility issues with apps like Kayo. 

Compatibility with Kayo

Kayo is not currently available on all devices. However, there are many third-party popular streaming devices that Kayo can be downloaded on. These devices make it easy for you to watch your favorite sports with a click of a button. Here is a list of currently compatible devices:

  • iPhones, iPads, and Apple devices using iOS 13+
  • Android mobile devices and tablets using Android 6+
  • Apple TV with tvOS13+ which means Apple TVs 4th gen or higher
  • Android TVs with TV OS 7.0 or higher
  • Hisense 2019-2021 TV models
  • Samsungs TV models from 2017 forward
  • The Telstra TVs TTV1, TTV2 or TTV3
  • Chromecast
  • LG TVs that use WebOS 4 and above and were made in 2018 or later
  • Mac computers that use macOS 10.12+
  • Computers that use Windows 10 or higher
  • Playstation 4 and Playstation 5

As you can see, not every smart device is listed. This means that users need to use third-party devices like the Apple TV, Android TV, or Chromecast to stream Kayo on their TVs.

Creative Streaming

With a little creative streaming, anyone can use the Kayo app on any TV that they have. Although it means you need to pay for a third-party device, it is worth the investment. Many third-party devices have unique streaming channels you can use and enjoy beyond just the Kayo app. So sit back, relax and enjoy the game!

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