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How to Easily Install Foxtel on Your Toshiba TV

Last Updated Jun 27, 2022
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Foxtel, like Netflix, offers some of the best services you can think of. As an on-demand cable streaming service, you can enjoy top sports and movie streaming featuring releases from HBO, Sony, Paramount+, and Universal. To make its services more accessible, Foxtel has designed an app holding all of its streaming services. The best part is that you can install this Foxtel app on your Toshiba TV. 

In this article, you’ll learn how you can install Foxtel on your Toshiba TV. Read on to find out more on that, fixes to try if it won’t work, and the best way to enjoy the app.

How to get Foxtel App Easily Installed on Your Toshiba TV

Installing Foxtel app on your Toshiba TV, is not as difficult as many may think. In fact, if you are used to installing apps on your mobile devices, this will be easier for you.

You can easily install the Foxtel app on your Toshiba TV by following this process:

  • Locating the app store on your Toshiba TV
  • Downloading the Foxtel App
  • Following the App’s prompts and installing it

However, for all these to easily happen, your Toshiba TV needs to be smart. Also, the App store you download the Foxtel App from depends on the operating system of your Toshiba TV. Nonetheless, whether your Toshiba TV is smart or not, you can still get the Foxtel App on it. The process for each of these has been outlined below.  

How to Easily Install Foxtel on Your Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba smart TVs come in two main types, depending on the operating system that powers them. It could be the Fire TV or the Android TV. The procedure for setting up the Foxtel app on each of these operating systems differ slightly. However, generally, the process includes:

  • Installing the app
  • Ensuring your device is connected to WIFI
  • Signing up into your account
  • Enjoying premium content

Installing the Foxtel App on the Toshiba Fire TV

Amazon developed the Fire TV operating system to be a robust and powerful driver of top-notch smart TV experience. Toshiba recognized this value proposition and signed on to allow Fire TV run some of its products, which together make up the Toshiba Fire TV lineup. There are several steps to installing the app.

Setup your TV and Search for the Foxtel App

Power on your Toshiba Fire TV and connect it to the Internet. Head to the homepage, where you find different options and commands. Next, steer the remote’s cursor to the ‘Search’ icon and click on it. Clicking the Search button should cause a drop-down of the search function. Automatically, the onscreen keyboard should appear. Direct the remote to click the words and type out, ‘Foxtel.’

Several apps may turn up on the screen. Click on the Foxtel app. The next page should reveal the app in detail. Next, take your remote to the ‘Get’ button and click it. The clicking should download the app to your TV. After downloading, click the ‘Open’ prompt that materializes on the screen.

Undergo the Sign-up Process

Next, you find the sign-up and sign-in page. If you already have an existing Foxtel account, simply enter your login details to access the app’s content.  If not, take out time to register, fill out your email and password.

Also, conduct the email verification on your phone. Note that the services of Foxtel aren’t global. Thus, if you’re located in a place where Foxtel hasn’t made its offerings available, then you may not be able to download the app. Though you might be able to use a VPN to get around this, it’s, however, not recommended.

Installing the Foxtel App on the Toshiba Android TV

The Android TV was one of the earliest TV operating systems and merely expanded the Android operating system as you have it today. Since it’s the native operating system for the Toshiba Smart TV, many more Toshiba models are running on Android TV. Here’s how to install Foxtel on your Toshiba Android TV.

  • Set up the TV and Locate the App Store: Upon setting up your Toshiba Android TV, make your way to the homepage. Here, the ‘Apps’ tab is color-coded red on the left bar. Select it. Find the Google Play Store among the range of applications and click on it.
  • Search for the Foxtel App: Inside the Play Store, click on the search icon located at the top right side of the page. Then, use the keyboard to type in, ‘Foxtel.’ Again, some apps may appear on the screen, but only choose the known Foxtel app.
  • Install the Foxtel App and Launch It: Inside the Foxtel app page, you find the ‘Install’ sign, and after clicking it, your download starts. Once the downloading completes, select the ‘Open’ button and this will launch the Foxtel application.
  • Sign-up your Account to Start Enjoying Content: When you find the sign-in and sign-up page. Enter your details if you already have an account. If not, follow the prompts and go through the registration process. Like the Fire TV, the Foxtel may also be location-specific on the Android TV and users from some places may be unable to download the software.

How to Easily Install Foxtel on Older Toshiba TVs

If your Toshiba TV is not smart, you can still install the Foxtel app on it. While installing and accessing the Foxtel app on a Toshiba Smart TV is direct, it’s not straightforward with non-smart Toshiba TVs. Nonetheless, it’s uncomplicated.

Essentially, to access the Foxtel app on your older Toshiba TV, you need to purchase the streaming device. This device can come in the form of a small ‘stick’ or ‘box.’ And it essentially contains the software settings that automatically give your older Toshiba TV ‘smart’ capabilities.

What Streaming Sticks are Compatible with Toshiba TVs?

Of the several you can choose from; the best streaming stick/boxes for your Toshiba TV are:

Each of these runs the TV operating systems built by their manufacturers, but this doesn’t change much. The setup processes are significantly similar.

How to Install Foxtel on a Toshiba TV Using a Streaming Stick

The process of installing Foxtel on the Toshiba TV via the streaming device/stick include the following:

  • Plug the streaming device into a power outlet to ensure a constant energy supply.
  • Connect the TV and streaming device using both ends of the HDMI cable. The Toshiba TV’s HDMI port is often found at the rear of the TV set.
  • Power on the TV set. Follow the prompts on the screen, entering the settings using the remote.
  • Upon launching the operating system, search for the Foxtel app in the native app store.

While the user interface may vary depending on which streaming stick you chose, this process should work to install any of them.


The Foxtel app is a value pack of diverse sources of entertainment, making it an app you should consider installing on your Toshiba TV. Thankfully, the type and model of the TV won’t stop you from having the Foxtel app on your Toshiba TV. Simply follow the steps outlined above to make the installation.