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How To Easily Install Apple TV On Your Element TV

Last Updated Apr 3, 2022
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The Element TV is an affordable yet high-quality option for people looking for a 4K smart television for a reasonable price. Element TVs are designed to meet consumer streaming and entertainment desires through an easy setup process. 

With a bit of preparation through securing the necessary hardware and Apple TV subscription, you can connect your Element TV to the Apple TV entertainment platform. Read on to learn how to install Apple TV on your Element TV quickly!

Getting Started with Element TV and Apple TV 

Congratulations, you are the proud owner (or potential owner) of an Element TV! So how do you access the programming available on an Apple TV through your Element TV? Element TV’s technology supports the high performance of the Apple TV streaming platform, so you’ll be ready to enjoy hours of movies with just a few simple steps. 

To easily install Apple TV on your element TV, subscribe to Apple TV, secure a streaming device and any necessary HDMI cables, set up the device, and log in to Apple TV. Once these steps are completed, you can connect to your Element TV and access the platform’s quality shows and movies! 

Accessing Apple TV

Though Apple TV is offered as an app, it is not compatible with the Element TV and cannot be downloaded directly to the device. However, there is technology, including the Apple TV box, can be used with the Element TV to access this streaming platform.

Before installing a streaming device to access Element TV, you must complete a few extra but easy steps to ensure that you are fully equipped to access the streaming service’s content. Follow these guidelines to prepare yourself to connect to Apple TV on your Element TV:

  • Subscribe to the streaming service. In order to access Apple TV, you must first subscribe to the streaming service. Apple offers a seven-day free trial of Apple TV, and after that, the service costs $4.99 per month.
  • Decide what streaming device you will use to access Apple TV because Apple TV is not available as an app download on Element TV. A compatible streaming device, such as an Apple TV box, Roku, or Fire Stick, will allow you to access Apple TV content. Each device has different attributes, so pick what best fits your preferences.
  • Make sure your Element TV has an internet connection. Even though there are ways you can use an Element TV without the internet, you will need an internet connection to download and use Apple TV.
  • Secure a streaming device. Once you decide what device is right for you, having it in hand ensures that you can immediately access Apple TV once installed! 
  • Assess your HDMI needs. The best way to connect your streaming device to your Element TV is by using an HDMI cable. Though Element TVs may have other types of connection ports, HDMI is the preferred method of connecting streaming hardware to televisions. Evaluate your device and determine if an external HDMI cable is needed.
  • Secure an HDMI cable, if needed. Even the most basic HDMI cable can support the newest streaming device specifications. If you choose not to use an Apple TV box, your device may plug directly into the Element TV via HDMI.  

Once you have all the access credentials and equipment you need, you can connect your Apple TV to your Element TV! 

Connecting Your Apple TV to Your Element TV 

Now that you’ve completed the preparation steps, follow these instructions to connect your streaming device and your Element TV quickly and easily:

  • All Element TVs come with HDMI ports, so the most crucial step in connecting your streaming device is locating the HDMI port on your device. HDMI ports can be found on the back of the TV. Always use caution when moving your TV to locate the inputs!
  • Plug the device into the TV. Once you’ve located the port, you can proceed with plugging the streaming device into it. Be cautious when plugging the device in, as you don’t want to jostle the TV with too much force!
  • Connect the device to an external power source, if necessary. Depending on the age of the products, Roku and Fire TVs may not need to be connected to an external power source as the HDMI connection will supply the necessary electricity to the device. However, Apple TVs should be plugged into a wall or a surge protector to power the device.
  • Turn on the device and complete any setup prompts. Once you have the device installed, power the device on and complete any registration prompts. You can then navigate to the Apple TV app.
  • Log into Apple TV. Once you have located the app, use your credentials to log in to the streaming service. 


After completing these quick and easy steps, you are set up to begin streaming Apple TV content on your Element TV! From here, sit back, relax, and enjoy the superior programming Apple TV brings directly into your home via your Element TV.

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