How to Easily Change Your Caller ID Name On iPhone


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Caller ID is a useful way to tell who’s calling, especially if the call is coming from someone not in your contact list. You may want to change your caller ID name for when you call other people, for instance, if you want to use a nickname. How can you do this on your iPhone?

You can change the name displayed when you call people:

  • In the “Phone” settings on your iPhone
  • Toggle whether you want it to show up or not when you call someone 

If you have issues changing your caller ID name, you’ll have to contact your cell phone carrier.

Keep reading to learn how to change your caller ID name and how to turn the caller ID function on and off on your iPhone.

How to Change Incoming Caller ID Names

The best way to change the Caller ID names of incoming calls is to set up a contact profile for the incoming phone number. 

If you get a call from a number and you’d prefer to change it to the name of the person calling:

  1. Simply find the number in the Recent Calls page of your phone app.
  2. Tapping on the blue “i” next to the number will allow you to add the number as a contact. 
  3. You can add it to an existing contact, or create a new contact for it.

Creating a contact allows you to save the number under whatever name you’d like. 

You can save their:

  • Number under their business
  • A nickname
  • Whatever helps you keep track of who is calling

The next time this person calls you, their name will show up as whatever you saved their contact name as. 

Having a contact profile for a number overrides the regular caller ID for that number.

How to Change Your Outgoing Caller ID Name

Now you may be wondering, how can you change the outgoing caller ID name?

To change your caller ID name, follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on the subcategory “Phone.”
  3. Select “My Number” from the list of options.

From there, you should be able to type in a new caller ID name that will display when you call someone. Simply save your changes when you’re done.

Changing Caller ID Through Your Cell Phone Carrier

If that process did not work for you, you can still change your caller ID name by contacting your cell phone carrier. How this process works will depend on the carrier you use with your phone.

Check Your Phone Service’s App

If you have an app for your cell phone service installed on your phone, try changing your name there. 

Check the Settings

In the app for your service provider, look in the “Settings” or “Profile” menus.

There may be an option in these menus to change your caller ID name. If there is, simply type in your new name and save the changes.

Contact Customer Service

If your app does not have the settings to change your caller ID name, or if you don’t have an app installed on your phone, your other option is to contact your service provider directly.

Call the customer service line of your service provider. Explain that you would like to change your caller ID name, and they will help you or direct you to someone who can help you make that change.

Changing Caller ID on iPhone vs. Android

While an iPhone may let you change your caller ID name directly from settings, this is not an option for Android.

If you have an Android phone, your best option for changing your caller ID name is to contact your service provider directly.

Depending on your service provider, you can change your caller ID name through the service app installed on your phone, through their company website, or by calling customer support. 

How to Turn Your Caller ID On and Off

To toggle whether your caller ID is shown to the people you call is pretty easy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone. 
  2. In the subcategory “Phone,” you’ll see a list of options, including “Show My Caller ID.” 
  3. Tapping on this will give you the option to turn off your caller ID. 
  4. By default on iPhone, your caller ID is on unless you specifically go to settings to turn it off.

If you turn off your caller ID, your name and number will show up as “Private Name” and “Private Number” when you call people. 

It also may mean that your phone won’t identify incoming calls.


There are many reasons to change the name that displays when you call someone. Perhaps you have a nickname you prefer, or you want to hide your name for privacy purposes. 

Whatever the case, changing your name on iPhone is easy. Since there are multiple options for accomplishing this, you should have no trouble making this change. Happy calling!

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